Today Family Members Eat Fewer Meals Together: Recent Writing Task 2

Today family members eat fewer meals together. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

Sample 1 Today Family Members Eat Fewer Meals Together

Nowadays, family members have fewer chances to be together for lunch and dinner compared to the past. The main reason for this change is today’s fast-paced life. It is a negative trend because it affects the bond between family members. How this change affects the bond, I will highlight in upcoming paragraphs.

In the 21st century, there is cut-throat competition in every field. If one has to survive in a Job or achieve something in life, he/she has to work hard. That means people spend more time at work than at their home. Children are also busy with their tight schedules, as many parents send their offspring to classes other than school, such as extracurricular activities. Therefore, it is only possible for some to join for meals every day as they have to follow their schedule. Moreover, commute time from work to home is more these days than before as more and more people work in cities today. As a result, when they reach home, only a few family members, such as kids or elders, have already had dinner and fallen asleep. Hence, lifestyle changes made it hard for family members to eat together on weekdays; however, many managed to have meals with each other on weekends.

Overall, it is a negative trend because mealtime is the only time family members sit together and communicate. This communication makes their bond stronger. They can share their feelings, happiness, and problems and find solutions to issues while having a meal. For instance, if one family member finds it hard to deal with someone at the office, they can take guidance from their elders while eating at the dining table. Moreover, when people eat with family, the chances of eating unhealthy food are less as there is always one member in the family who takes care of the dietary habits of everyone. In most cases, that member is the mother. Hence, there are numerous benefits of having lunch or dinner together. In today’s fast-paced life, many individuals are missing this, leading to many health issues such as obesity, depression and many more.

To conclude, family dinners play a vital role in everyone’s life. There are innumerable advantages of eating together; the most crucial among them is the bond that becomes stronger. After all, a family who eats together stays together.

Sample 2 Today Family Members Eat Fewer Meals Together

It is observed that the folks are spending significantly less family time together at the dining table. In my opinion, it is a negative development as the sense of unity among the family diminishes to a greater extent and the strong interpersonal relationships are affected too.

First and foremost, one of the main reasons for this current situation is the family members’ long working hours or the hectic schedule imposed on them due to the fast-paced standard of living. Because of this, the priority of spending time with family members has shifted. Moreover, most students have either tutions or extra hobby classes after school and because of this the moments with family to have lunch together is also reduced. For instance, it is observed in international research published that in the last ten years, around 60-70% of families cannot match the timings of their meals and hence cannot spend meal time together.

Secondly, the trend of working or studying away from the home city or country has also divided the family members, which makes it impossible to spend time together during the meal courses as people are not living together anymore. Furthermore, there are also short frequency business trips which cut down the sharing of meal times together. It also develops a negative impact as this way, and individuals have been alone, without companionship, thus falling into depression. Also, the lack of contact with family members may promote a weak individual bond. For instance, since the covid-19 outbreak, the number of depression and anxiety due to lack of communication has risen significantly. In addition, an ordinary meal with family may be an excellent opportunity to establish healthy relationships.

In conclusion, nowadays, many individuals are more likely to have meals alone due to hectic work schedules and the absence of free time. However, it is healthy and recommended the presence of parents, siblings, and friends in our life to boost our interpersonal relations and build better humans.

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