Describe a Person Who Taught You Something Important: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a person who taught you something important. You should say:

  • who this person was?
  • what do they teach you?
  • how do they teach it to you?
  • and explain why you think what they taught is important?

Sample 1

In our day-to-day life, there are some umpteen eminent personalities who influence us in some astonishing ways. The classic example of this is our respected teachers, our superior officers, siblings, and last but not least, our beloved parents. Today I would like to talk about my mother, who had helped me learn numerous valued lessons which are important to my life. My mom was a government high school teacher, and she always gave value to her life. As a teacher, she always instigated her students in interesting ways. For her own children, the initial lesson she had tried to learn was always to respect elders and teachers. As a mom and a teacher, she knows the importance and place of respect in life. Mom had shared fairytales and folksongs with my younger brother and me. Initially, it was like when pigs fly for us to understand, but we understand and accept that truth eventually. One of the utmost reasons behind this is Mom is a big wig for us. Apart from this, she had shared numerous life lessons for us still, and we had followed those, and we believe that is the reason for success in our life. Maybe, as a teacher, it was a piece of cake for her, but without mom’s help and support, we didn’t reach anywhere in our life.

Sample 2

Lots of things which people need to take and give in their day to day life according to their situations, and it is a kind important for a generation to provide accurate knowledge. I have learned many important things from the people around me. One such important thing that I learned is cooking. And here I would like to talk about a time when I learned a very interesting thing, and it was cooking from my sister. I remember vividly when our government announced completely locked down due to Covid 19 pandemic because the infection skyrocketed in my area, so the government took that decision. The period was about one month of lockdown, and I was unable to pass my time at home. So I have some plans to move abroad, so I made a plan to go abroad for my higher education, and my sister started involving me in the household activities. My sister is in her 20s, and her name is Shivani, and she is very tall and gorgeous. Moreover, learning a cooking skill is not a piece of cake, even if it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. At that time, I made up my mind to learn that skill for my further prospects, so I took the various lessons from my sister. I started with a how-to make dough and rice and learned how much quantity of water or how to use these ingredients. Hello, where is my sister has very God-gifted hands even she makes all the recipes in a well mannered and a seriously it’s very delicious, and we are unable to give a repeat of that food. It is too yummy furthermore I was too curious about how to make a cake with the home stuff without any difficulties so in a few days I learned so much basic knowledge about the cooking. Therefore, there was one reason why I engaged with cooking because my friend Rahul lives in Canada, and he told me that vegetarian meals are quite limited, so you should learn the few meals for your survival. So I spent around 15 to 20 days in the kitchens with my sister, so I learned various skills and recipes from my sister’s hands, and I felt over the moon, so last month I also made even small cake for my family, and all the family members were appreciated to my hard work, and they also gave me a tag of passed, so that was a time when my sister and taught me very important things for my future carrier.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person Who Taught You Something Important

Question 1. What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?

Answer 1:- In my personal preference, a teacher should be a classic example of all qualities. The initial quality is subject knowledge. Secondly, mentors should be open to their children as a book. She should be helpful to their students to reduce their doubts. Apart from this, communication skills and problem-solving skills are adequate skills that teachers should have.

Answer 2:- Well, they are numerous qualities and must be having in teachers to provide all the information in well mannered or towards the children, and there are some qualities which are too crucial such as honesty loyalty and p punctuality so many teachers should have this kind of abilities to rectify the situation with their presences of mind and gives a motivational speech to boost the confidence of the children and sort out the critical situation with small techniques because the teachers also consider as a future of a nation and teachers need to behave calmly with the students and provide lots of knowledge.

Question 2. Who do you think can learn better? Old people or youngsters?

Answer 1:- In my opinion, there are no age barriers between adults and adolescents in the case of learning things. It is only a matter of how they understand things properly. Both these categories had their own abilities to understand and analyze things individually. But adults have the advantage of learning about normal issues. Meanwhile, youngsters are in the front row learning the technical side.

Answer 2:- Without any doubt, they are lots of differences between old age people and youngsters. In the term of old age, people don’t have too much ability to grab the things in a good manner because due to LTE, they are unable to rectify and understand the situation in their presence of mind because the mind power automatically goes down in that age so while grabbing the think is a kind of difficult for them, but in the case of youngsters, they easily gather any member all the things very perfectly because their body already in a developing stage and they acquire all the things in a few time without any difficulties.

Question 3. What do you think is the best age for children to go to school?

Answer 1:- For me, the suitable age for schooling is the age of 5. I think this is the time to understand things around them, and they flaunted numerous questions about their surroundings at that time. Furthermore, the medical practitioners had notified that the age between 4-and 6 is the exact time for schooling because it is the time for brain development.

Answer 2:- Team, the perfect age for children should be 3 to 4 years because at that stage, the mind of the children have already developed to acquire all the things from their surroundings, and the children also become too innovative and incurious to engage with the outer knowledge, so there are lots of factors which children need to adopt the study from school so that they easily pursue their carrier in a good manner and also become an innovative person in future.

Question 4. Do you prefer to study by yourself or with friends?

Answer 1:- I had always preferred to study alone because studying I had required a silent atmosphere, and it helped me to understand things properly. Even so, I had participated in combined studies to get more ideas, but my preference is for individual learning.

Answer 2:- Well are there or ample factors which I prefer to study with my friends and alone is a depend on the situation so I always prefer to study alone because I do more focus on myself when I am alone because of a lot of things I need to gather and understand in a well mannered apart from that enough friends they are loads of instructions and too many opinions we can’t agree with that so this kind of consequences mostly people or fees when they study in a friend, so I think alone is a good option.

Question 5. In what ways can we encourage others to accept new ideas and things (accept innovation)?

Answer 1:- The feasible solution for this statement is that we should encourage others about the possibility and importance of enthralling ideas in the current scenario. Apart from technological advantages, there are other sprawling sectors that individuals can understand about it. Different types of manuscripts, handouts, and verbal instructions help others solve these issues.

Answer 2:- They are lots of alternates when we encourage others to accept new ideas with their presence of mind, first of all, we need to organize some kind of seminars and give a motivational speech to our C people who the already lose their confidence so this kind of things which helps to boost your confidence again and encourage them to be on a good path. Moreover, we also share Arpit’s practice with others and interact with the social media platform because there are lots of options over there which people get accurate knowledge from them, so these kinds of factors which people need to encourage and accept new ideas in a good way.

Question 6. Can you suggest how we could make children more interested in learning?

Answer 1:- The only suggestion is that learners should always incite children in attainable ways. Compared with the olden days, the competitive ability and chance of using technology in learning platforms are comparatively high. The vicinity of these platforms in the education sector always provides more results, and it enhances the in-depth understanding.

Answer 2:- There is some remedial action we need to take to become children more interesting in learning, such as a talk-sing and reading together as often as we can, so sometimes we need to ask all the people who care about your child or Sankhala grandparents to encourage your child to do well in a school, so I think this kind of things we need to help for children to become learning is more innovative.

Question 7. Who would you say is more important to the education of a child, the parents or teachers?

Answer 1:- Both parents’ and teachers’ education is important to every child. These two streams had their own importance in every child’s life. The initial lessons about life and activities they learn from their own home at earlier ages. After joining in school, teachers will mould them as per the curriculum. This helps them for better understanding and accuracy.

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