Describe a person who wears unusual clothes

Describe a person who wears unusual clothes
● Who is he
● What kind of clothes he wears
● Why do you consider that his clothing choices are weird

sample answer:

Well, clothes reveal the personality as well as the wealth of a person. People nowadays wear uncommon clothes to distinguish themselves from others. Here I would like to speak about a person who wears weird outfits.

Who is he

She is my friend, who is a model by profession. She regularly wears such types of clothes which give her a unique Identity. I must say her point of view about the apparel that she wears.


What kind of clothes he wears

She thinks that people grant higher status to someone who does such daring acts by wearing abnormal clothes. She feels cool while putting on such type of clothes. I say her a strange personality because of her choice of clothes. Recently she advertised by wearing the jacket with the much hugged, which was for the people who live alone.

Why do you consider that his clothing choices are weird

It has great sales and people feel on cloud nine who are leading a solitary life. Now they express their loneliness by wearing such kinds of abnormal clothes to make them feel special.


  1. Where do Indians normally buy clothes?

Ans. Well, Indians usually buy clothes from shopping malls, and sometimes they buy from the local market when there is a huge discount on apparel, then they also tend to buy online.

  1. The difference between men’s and women’s choices of clothes?

Ans. Now both the genders love to wear trendy clothes. Their choice is almost the same as women are fond of wearing jeans,  t-shirts, and kurta pajamas and men also have similar choices like most men love to wear casual clothes and kurta with a choli is occasionally worn at social functions. So, there is a negligible difference in choice.

  1. Do clothes affect people’s mood?

Ans. Yes, of course. If people wear bright colors clothes then they feel jubilant and remain highly motivated and on the contrary, light colors don’t build confidence in them and they feel lethargic and less enthusiastic.

  1. What do people consider when buying clothes?

Ans. People consider the quality of the fabric, prices, and the tag that is on the attires. If there is a big discount, they purchase more. Moreover, the color of clothes also affects their purchasing.

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