Describe a Person Who You Think Is Especially Helpful


Describe a Person Who You Think Is Especially Helpful
You should say:
who he/she was
how you met him/her
what he/she did to help you
and say what you learned from the experience.

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who You Think Is Especially Helpful

Being helpful is human nature, and we tend to help others when we can or feel someone requires help. Today on this topic, I’d like to talk about my friend and colleague Rajesh Sharma. He is in his mid-forties, a tall and handsome guy. I met him first six years ago when we both appeared for an interview with our current employer as we applied for different positions.

I remember my initial days in the current job role. It was a bit challenging as I switched industry from banking to telecom as Cyber Security Architect. Rajesh helped me to understand the telecom industry and subject-related matters. Due to this, I was able to scale up quickly and could smoothly accomplish my probation.

Even today, he is a source of guidance and support for me and everyone on the team. He doesn’t shy away from helping anyone irrespective of the department or team or equally in his personal life.

His polite and approachable nature inspires us to help others and starts a chain reaction of helping. Therefore we try to reciprocate and, in turn, help others. I hope this continues, and we set a role model for others.

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