Describe a Person Who You Think Wears Unusual Clothes

Describe a person who you think wears unusual clothes

Who this person is,
How you knew this person,
What his/her clothes are like,
Why do you think his/her clothes are unusual

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who You Think Wears Unusual Clothes

I have seen many people who wear unusual clothes because they are great attention seekers and feel more comfortable while wearing awkward clothes. Here I would like to speak about a person who is none other than my cousin and who has a habit of wearing strange clothes. People in my locality make fun of him, but he doesn’t pay attention to anybody.

In the summer season, he likes to wear dark colours, which is why people dislike his appearance. I have often told him to change his dressing style, but being a die-hard fan of Ranveer Kapoor, he could not help the following fashion. Once, when I was going to celebrate my birthday, and that time my cousin came who had worn strange clothes.

Actually, he had worn formal clothes with slippers, and people were making fun of him, and it also brought a kind of embarrassment for me. So this is a person who wears odd attires.

Follow-ups Questions Describe a person who you think wears unusual clothes

Question 1:- Where do People normally buy clothes?

Answer – People normally buy clothes from local shops as well as shopping malls and sometimes they prefer to buy online.

Question 2:- The difference between men’s and women’s choices of clothes?

Answer – Well, there is a great difference in the choice of clothes in both genders like men like to have formal clothes as well as casual clothes in their routine. Whereas women like sarees, western clothes according to the need of the occasion.

Question 3:- Do clothes affect people’s moods?

Answer – Yes, colours have a great impact on the mood of a person. Bright colour clothes make a person cheerful whereas dull colours make the mood of people sad. So people have a great impact on their psyche of different colours of clothes.

Question 4:- What do people consider when buying clothes?

Answer – People consider a lot of things like the quality of the fabric, prices, and colour. If they see the quality of a product is good, they like to purchase it by bargaining with the shopkeeper.

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