Talk about a time when you traveled with an old person

Talk about a time when you traveled with an old person

You should say:

  • When it was?

  • Who was he?

  • Where were you going?

Sample 1:-

Well, I have met with many persons in my life both youngsters and elders. And here I would like to talk about an old person named Mr. Mandeep  Singh with whom I met a few months ago. According to my point of view, He is very captivating and down to earth person.  He is 75 years old. I explain about him briefly.

Approximately about two months ago, My father’s friend came to India with his wife during summer vacations. He spent his holidays at my house. He is a retired police officer in Australia. Once a day,  he told to my father to go to  Golden Temple Amritsar and requested my dad to go with him. But unfortunately, my father did not have time to go with Uncle Mandeep Singh. Then, My dad told me to go with him. So, I went to the Golden Temple.

We took a bus to reach our destination. During this journey via bus, Uncle told me about various adventures of his life because he was a brave officer and achieved many awards as well as medals during his job. He explained to me that he had joined police in his early 20s just because of his bravery.

He caught a thief who was trying to steal money from his college’s locker room by breaking a locker of a teacher. He fought with that robber and called the police. Police came in a few seconds and arrested to that thief. After this incident, Uncle gained a bravery award from Prime Minister as well as joining letter of police employment.

Moreover, once a time, uncle fought with a terrorist who kidnapped some children in the school. He arrested that criminal very courageously. I was listening to his talks and felt curious to know more and more about his brilliant life. Between this, I did not realize that when we reached Amritsar because of uncle’s captivating talk.

All in all, that was a delightful journey which I enjoyed very much. With this journey, my relation with uncle becomes more strong and  I missed him very much. I like to meet him again and again.

Sample 2:-

Well! there were so many occasions in my life when I traveled with old persons. Here, I would like to talk about a time when I traveled with my grandparents. I vividly remember that when I traveled from Bathinda to Delhi. I met with the aged person. My seat was window seat and next to me all seats were empty. But the very next station a person came with heavy bags.

Furthermore, I found that he was struggling to set his bags on racks, so I helped him although he begin asking me to do. Then, he thanked me after this and we start talking with each other. I became to know that his name is Mr. Avneet Singh. He said he is an accountant and give some view over being an accountant. After that, he also tells me some stories. All the stories were funny and hilarious. Actually, he entertained me a lot. He was looking very fit and healthy. Although he is from the ’70s. He also told me that he does yoga and jogging regularly. I thought he is such a big inspiration for the youth.

Moreover, he told me that he is going to Delhi to meet her daughter and he also told me that he regularly visit here twice in a year. In the end, I also helped him to pull down his luggage and then he again thanked me for this. His daughter came to receive him from the station. After knowing that, I helped her father, she also thanked me for the time. After leaving that station, I really felt happy at that time.

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