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Describe a Person You Like or Want to Work or Study With: Speaking Cue Card

Describe a Person You Like or Want to Work or Study With
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Describe a person you like or want to work or study with.

Sample 1 :Describe a Person You Like or Want to Work or Study With

I went for an interview in 2021 in Lagos. The interview was with an engineering company I had applied to. I arrived there about an hour before the scheduled time, and I waited till I was beckoned to come into the interview room.

When I entered the room, I met three interviewers. One was the HR manager, the other was the project manager, and the third person was the engineering manager. The engineering manager was to be my supervisor if I was given the job.

The interview commenced, and I started answering the questions directed at me, but I noticed any question I couldn’t answer; the engineering manager educated me on what the answer should be.

This is not something prevalent at interviews, so I liked the engineering manager instantly and looked forward to working with him. I wanted to work with him because I could infer that he would make a good boss since he was helpful during the interview, and he seemed kind, compassionate, and relatable to me.

Sadly, I was not considered for the job, but I kept in touch with him, and I am hopeful I will work with him soon.

Sample 2:Describe a Person You Like or Want to Work or Study With

The person I would love to work with is chinaecherem Okafor. She is fair in complexion, 5ft 4 inches tall, and has a weight of 63kg. He has a good smile with perfect dentition, always cheerful. She was previously my supervisor in my current place of work.

Presently, she is a registered mental health nurse in the united kingdom. She helps in counseling patients on different aspects and also helps provide health education. Helps supervises patients in dire need of mental health services by categorizing them according to the severity of the cases. She also provides medications and assesses their vital signs, and reports to her supervisors. It is a demanding job.

I knew about her when I tendered in my application letter to work in my present organization. She was very receptive during the interview and made sure I was comfortable while interacting with her.

I believe that why I want to work with her again because of her perseverance and hardworking principles. She also has a good working ethic that made me improve in my organization. Presently she has just launched a home care agency that enables homebound patients to access healthcare treatments at home, and I believe with that initiative, I would want to work with her.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1:- What kind of people do you like to study or work with?

Answer 1:- I enjoy working with smart, enthusiastic, diligent, fun, self-motivated, and hardworking people. Working with individuals who have these qualities makes the job easy for everyone, and maximum productivity is achieved.

Answer 2:- The type of individuals I would love to work with are people who are hardworking and have good working ethics. For example, my place of work as a nurse requires you to help improve the standard of living for your patients through procedures like bed bathing the patients, always monitoring for any side effects of medications being prescribed, and also giving health education to patients who are knowledge deficit. I believe with several more roles, and should only be with hardworking people. Good working ethics by keeping the confidentiality of patients and also coming early to work.

Question 2:- Do you think managers can be friends with their workers?

Answer 1:- Yes, I believe managers can be friends with their subordinates, but there should be mutual respect and appropriate boundaries in place. Being friends with subordinates makes the manager approachable, and they will be able to relay any concern or difficulty they have to him without any fear.

Answer 2:- I believe managers should develop a cordial friendship so the workers can be open in case of any confusion at the workplace and generally to make the working condition conducive.

Question 3:- Do you like to learn on your own or with others?

Answer 1:- I enjoy learning with others. Learning with others can be fun, and everyone can share their perspective about a particular issue, and a common ground can be reached.

Answer 2:– I tend to learn with others. For example, as a student, I always had a study group where we could allocate topics to each person and have a stipulated time when we all gathered to teach and ask questions. This helped me a whole lot which made me pass my qualifying exams.

Question 4:- Do you prefer to study at home or study in other places?

Answer 1:- I love studying at home. I have a very conducive study room. One of the main reasons I enjoy studying at home is that I have quick access to food when I get hungry while reading, and I can continue studying as soon as I am done eating. In addition, I can easily go to my bed and have a quick nap when I get exhausted from studying.

Answer 2:- Presently, I prefer to study at home. My house has a good study area and furniture with textbooks which helps me to read. I believe at-home studies are better than other places because you may not have any privacy.

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