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Speaking part 2 Samples IELTS EXAM

Speaking part 2 Samples The Speaking Sub-test takes between 10 and 15 minutes. The sub-test consists of an interview with a trained examiner and is recorded for a later evaluation. There are 3 main parts of a Speaking test and the assessment of the examinees is done twice for clarity. You Can Also like our facebook page IELTSFEVER for getting regular updates


Sample 1   Describe a stressful day at school/ University/ work

Sample 2   Talk about an interesting part of your country

Sample 3   Talk about a thing you complained about something

Sample 4   Describe a person who works on protecting the environment

Sample 5   Talk about something that you borrow from your friend

Sample 6   A visit you made using public transport cue card

Sample 7   Describe a memorable story told by someone

Sample 8   Describe plant grown in your country you think is important 

Sample 9   Talk about a game you enjoyed when you were young 

Sample 10  Describe an activity you enjoy doing when you alone

Sample 11  An animal you like the most ieltsfever cue card

Sample 12  Describe an important Tree or plant in your country

Sample 13  Talk about an own thing which would like to remove 

Sample 14  Describe a time when you had some medicine

Sample 15  Describe a faraway place that you would like to visit 

Sample 16  Talk about your teenager friend ielts cue card

Sample 17  Talk about a subject that fascinates you

Sample 18 Talk about something you like to do in your leisure time

Sample 19  Describe someone who gave you money as a gift for study

Sample 20  Talk about that you recently bought and felt happy about it

Sample 21 Talk about a time when you helped someone

Sample 22 Describe when someone gave you something you wanted

Sample 23 Describe place you often visit with friends and family

Sample 24 Describe country where you would like to work for a short time

Sample 25 Talk about a time when you had to be a polite cue card

Sample 26 Talk about your favorite place for shopping

Sample 27 Describe a time when something made you happy

Sample 28 Talk about an interesting talk or lecture

Sample 29 Talk about the happiest situation in your life

Sample 30 Talk about a quiet place that you want to visit again

Sample 31 Describe a recent event that made you happy

Sample 32 Describe a family business that you know

Sample 33 Talk about a book you recently read

Sample 34 Talk about a building that you admire

Sample 35 Talk about a person who helped you at some point of time

Sample 36 Describe a person you never met but heard a lot

Sample 37 Describe a young child you met

Sample 38 Describe a useful website you have mostly visited

Sample 39 Describe a film or TV show that made you laugh.

Sample 40 Describe cooking competition you would like to participate 

Sample 41 Describe the idea of your dream vacation

Sample 42 Describe a time you preferred to study indoors or outdoors

Sample 43 Describe something you made by hand for your friend 

Sample 44 Describe a good law which you like 

Sample 45 Describe a piece of equipment you had repaired. 

Sample 46 Describe a time when you searched for information from the internet 

Sample 47 Describe something important you lost

Sample 48 Describe a foreign language you would like to learn ( Not English)

Sample 49 Talk about a beautiful city which you most like 

Sample 50 A decision you made with someone’s Help 




Speaking part 2 Samples Speaking part 2 Samples Speaking part 2 Samples Speaking part 2 Samples Speaking part 2 Samples

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