Describe a Piece of Local News That People Are Interested in

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Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in

  • You should say
  • What was it about?
  • Where did you see/heard it?
  • Who was involved?
  • And explain why people were interested in it?

Well, people are very interested in keeping themselves up to date with their locality as well as with their outer world. They get the news about their surroundings from the local newspaper as well as from the internet. Still, I think newspaper play a predominant role in making people aware of their locality.

So, here I would like to speak about constructing a kitty party club for the women and getting to know about the refurbishment of a kitty party club in my locality when I was enjoying a cup of Joe while reading a newspaper. It was written in bold letters, and I was surprised as well as happy due to this news. Local authorities and the charity organisation of my town were involved in constructing it.

Actually, people were very happy because they wanted to have such a society where women must be treated equally. The women of my town remain busy doing domestic chores as well as doing jobs. So they don’t get time for making themselves rejuvenate.

Therefore I think this was the reason that there was happiness all around as people of my town, especially males, were delighted because they are more liberal in their thinking and my town is not a male-dominated society, so they understand that there must be a place for the lady, who takes care of all the family members and has a great hand in making the members of a family unite.

So this place can provide the women of my town a chance to organise parties as well as play games and relieve their stress.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Piece of Local News That People Are Interested in

Question 1. Do people read the newspaper where you live?

Yes, people in my town read the newspaper because they want to keep themselves updated with the current news and they love to read newspaper in both languages English and Punjabi.

Question 2. Do people prefer local or national news?

Well, people prefer more to get news about their locality as it has an immediate effect on their lives instead of national news. They are more concerned about the betterment of their locality because they live there. Whatever help is needed to improve their surroundings, they are ready to help whenever there is a need. So they love to get news about their locality more instead of national news.

Question 3. Do people prefer local or international news?

Sometimes, people prefer to read international news when the news has a connection with their country, but usually, they don’t prefer it, and instead, they prefer local news. Still, recently people were more interested in getting news about Coronavirus because it has no connection with Overseas countries. Still, it was a pandemic, so, in such situations, people read news about international countries.

Question 4. What’s the importance of local news in your opinion

Local news plays an important role in making people aware of their surroundings. So people pay more focus on local news as they live there. Local news has a great impact on their lives, and in order to lead a comfortable life, they want to do anything for making their locality a better place. Therefore, local news plays a great role in informing people about their surroundings.

Question 5. Do they present accurate news?

Well, the newspaper always gives authentic information to the masses because it is considered a more reliable tool in getting information. People believe in the news that is printed in the newspaper instead of getting information on the internet. So definitely newspapers play an important role in delivering information and people believe due to its reliability.

Question 6. Does an illiterate also require a national identity, and why so.

Yes, every person requires national recognition as people live in that country, where people of different culture, different religion live together. There is unity in diversity, so it is illogical to say that illiterate don’t require National identity.

Question 7. Do you think it’s important to have a national identity?

Yes, it is imperative to have a national identity. People are recognised and respected well. National identity offers many facilities to its citizens, and people take advantages of it.

Question 8. How can people develop their national identity?

People can develop their National identity by socializing with people who have different cultures and languages because when people interact with each other, they exchange many things. Culture, as well as traditions, are playing a predominant role in improving the lives of the people.

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