Describe Your Favourite Flower/National Flower of Your Nation

Describe your favourite flower/national flower of your nation
You should say:

  • what it is
  • where it is grown
  • if it is common in your country
  • and explain why it is your favourite flower.

Sample answer of Describe Your Favourite Flower/national Flower of Your Nation

Well, there are a variety of flowers that are grown like Rose, Marigold, Lily. Some flowers are grown at home for enhancing the beauty of a home; while, some flowers are cultivated to raise income, particularly for commercial purposes. Here, I would like to speak about a flower, which I mostly like to grow at my home, and it is none other than the Rose flower, and it’s straightforward to grow at home. Sometimes, people cultivate rose flowers in their fields to earn a huge profit because roses are demanded in every season. It is widespread in my country as rose flowers are needed in many ceremonies like birth and death. On arrival of new baby, and on marriages as well as birthdays people purchase rose flowers. Without flowers, rituals are hard to complete.

People also use red rose to keep them in the feet of God and goddess. So, growing flowers is a common practice in my country because flowers are the favourite of all people. It is my favourite because I love the fragrance of the flowers. I feel very happy as it has a soothing effect on my eyes; whenever I behold flowers especially rose flower, I perceive a very pleasing experience and subtle touch to the petals of the flowers gives me immense pleasure. Moreover, it comes in different colours like red, white and yellow. It really enhances the beauty of my home like I have a small garden, where I have planted many rose flowers and when there is pleasant weather,

I click so many photos with rose flower. My friends, whenever they come to my home, and they love to sit in the garden, and they really appreciate me for cultivating such beauty at my home and sometimes whenever there is any occasion like marriage or birthday party; then, I make a crown out of these roses and use it and really it enhances my beauty I feel myself like a Queen so this is a flower that I like the most.


Follow-Ups of Describe Your Favourite Flower/national Flower of Your Nation

Question: Do people in your country like to grow flowers at home?

Yes, people like to grow flowers in their homes because flowers escalate the beauty of their accommodation, and they spend their time in the lap of nature. They get relaxation, peace of mind while surrounded by flowers. They rejuvenate themselves.

Question: Do older people Grow flowers instead of young ones?

Well, oldsters grow more flowers than youngsters because oldsters have a lot of time and to kill their time, they do gardening, and in this way, they remain stress-free and create natural beauty around themselves.

Question: How do schools teach students to grow flowers?

Well in any school students opt for additional subjects related to their hobbies. Some students opt for gardening as a subject. In this way, they are taught how to do gardening and cultivate flowers and give them more information; students are taken on a visit to a garden and where they see how plants are grown and what kind of seeds are used and how plants are nurtured. So, by getting practical experience, they learn the growing conditions and enhance their knowledge about cultivating plants.

Question: What does the national flower represent of your country?

Well, the national flower symbolises purity, enlightenment and rebirth. Although its roots remain in the dirt, it emerges as a beautiful flower. So it has great relevance to our culture.

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