Describe a place where you relaxed ielts exam

Describe a place where you relaxed

You should say:

where is it?

what you usually do there?

how often you go there?

and explain why it is a relaxing place?

There are many relaxing places in the whole world, like the sikh temple, library, Relaxation is one of the greatest demand of people.But here I would like to talk to talk about the ralaxing place and this is a park. It is located in the center of my city. This is a beautiful park and I feel quite relaxed here.

Moreover, I do simple activities there like jumping, talking with a friend and playing various games .In addtion to it .I often have been gone there twice of a week with one of my dear ones.On every weeked , My schedule is fully packed .

But In morning time, I must have to go there and feel relaxed from all worries of my life. It is a relaxing place because there are many trees in the park and also sitting benches also stay there. Many other people are also come there and feel relax One of my friends, Reetu, has been also arranging the yoga classes there every month .

I have been also join that yoga classes .Yoga is good for our health and protect as from all dieases. All people also relaxing there and feel fresh .Some people also came there to loss their weight .In the park, I have been playing games, jogging and listen the music . So, the park is useful for these children which spend their all leisure in the front of the Television , mobile phone and video games .

So, I just want say that park is very important for a city as well as people. According to me, park is very relaxing place and people asa well as children should go there.

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