Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone

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Describe a situation when you were not allowed to use Mobile/cell phone

Where was it?

When was it?

Why were you not allowed?

What did you want to do with your cell phone?

Well, in this modernization would, everyone like the cell phone, the cell phone is used to call everyone as well as yo uses the internet .but here, I would like to talk about a situation when I was not allowed to use the cell phone. I am a student of B.C.A 6th semester.

Last Monday. It was my examination of subject “system analysis and design” also called Sad”. It was held at L.L.R memorial college, Dhudike (moga). These were, the cell phones were not allowed in the examination: hall or Room. When I visited the Examination hall, I had a cell phone, and I forgot to switch off it .when, one hour had passed, my phone was ringing, and the examining teacher asked us why we have a cell phone.

I felt terrible and embarrassed. then, I gave my cell phone to examine the teacher and got the book after the examination. There is also one recession to prohibit cell phones in the examination room. The students have cheated in the exams checking information on the internet according to the questions that appeared in the exam. so I remember this situation in my whole life

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  1. Shristi Jaiswal

    A modern world has started to develop around my city. When I was in class 7th, I was not allowed to use a cellphone. I was very curious and the notorious student. Everyone in my class had their own Facebook account, and even I didn’t know about Facebook. I wanted to use Facebook. At my home, my mother had a keypad phone with no internet setting, but my father had a phone with an internet setting. We were not allowed to use our father’s phone. One day, I got a chance to use my father’s cell phone because he went out. I didn’t know how to use it?  I so passionately wanted to use it. I pressed the wrong key on the phone and all contacts were deleted from the cell phone. I was scared too. On the Next day, my father scolded me. I made a big mistake. I apologized to him. 

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