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Describe a Plan in Your Life that Is Not Related to Work or Study: IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe a Plan in Your Life that Is Not Related to Work or Study IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study. You should say

Sample 1

I’d Like To tell you about a plan I Made outside my work and study; well, Growing Up, I’ve Always felt the need to make Extra Plans to be Rich And successful. I Believe I Cant get rich as quickly as I Want if I Focus mainly on my line of work and if I Keep studying. So Last year, When I Got my first Job, I Started earning a Salary; with the help of my Dad, I Made a plan to venture into agriculture. Although I Have always had that in mind, There Are No funds to start anything. as I said earlier, I Made this Plan So I won’t Have to depend solely on my Salary as my source of income, getting Extra cash from other sources will help me reach the top early enough. So when I Conversed with my Dad, he told me the first thing I needed to do was to get a piece of Land I’ll Be Using for this purpose. I also needed to find someone trustworthy to be in charge of everything, as I Can’t Always be available to look after the Agro business, I Have gotten 2 hectares of Land Already, and I Just Need to find someone to be in charge of it all. Anyways I Will be Thrilled If my plans work out well, as I Won’t Have to depend on my Salary to make a living And I Can boast that I Have a business of my own.

Sample 2

Honestly speaking, I want to become a sociable person. So then I will have to do some work. Here I would like to talk about what I should do; currently, I am a student and have some ambition to become a successful woman. Every day I hear shocking news on the internet, and in the newspaper there, I read that there are some old people and children who are ignored by their family members. Sometimes they all suffer from huge problems like they do not have any shelter, and sometimes they spend their night on the highway. When I listened to and read this news then, I was depressed. Still, at that time, I promised myself one day I would run my own NGO and there I would provide all facilities to homeless people and Orphan children because, according to my thought, I would fulfil my dream. After that, I purchased the property and will construct the house there. I will provide all amenities required for those people, so this is the plan of my life I want to achieve as soon as possible I know that when I get this, I will feel escalated.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Plan in Your Life that Is Not Related to Work or Study: IELTS Speaking Topics

Question 1:- Do you think it is Important For a person to have a career plan?

Answer 1:- I Believe having a future career plan is vital, as this will serve as a focus for the person, like a goal to be chased; having A plan will guide an individual in actions like managing funds, taking up roles and Soughting For New Job.

Answer 2:- Yes, it is essential for every person to make a plan for their career because if they make the plan, they can follow their steps, and one day, they will achieve the goal they want.

Question 2:- How do most people plan their future education and their future career?

Answer 1:- Most Times, People Tend to plan their career and education to go hand in hand. They Get a job and try to further their education while still working, so additional qualifications Achieved Will be used to upgrading their status at work. Others Choose to complete all their educational pursuit at first before they start focusing on their career.

Answer 2:- Well, it depends on person to person. Some people do not make plans; they randomly work in their life. On the other hand, the majority of people firstly make the plan which education is best for them and what will benefit their educational future.

Question 3:- Do you think It’s Important To include the factor of One’s Salary in a career plan?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is Important To consider One’s Salary while making a career plan because it will be one of the driving Force That will help an Individual Have A successful career In the End.

Answer 2:- According to my perspective, it is not essential for the career plan well it is my opinion, but some of the people I know firstly think about the salary of their job.

Question 4:- Do you think Planning Is Important Or Is it a waste of time?

Answer 1:- No, Planning Is Not a waste of time; as the saying goes that if you didn’t Plan, you already planned to fail, Planning Is Crucial Because it will help you to deduce and solve any obstacles to your success and also prepare from any problem that might arise in the process of achieving your goal.

Answer 2:- In my opinion, planning is significant for every human because if we make the plan, then we follow it, and one day we can achieve our goal, which I want.

Question 5:- What personal plans should people make for themselves?

Answer 1:- I think people should make plans For an Extra Source of income; it Is not advisable to focus mainly on Salary to make a living. Circumstances And issues can arise at Any Time. Having A business that brings food to the table is also Important For an individual. Hence We need to make plans to establish businesses.

Answer 2:- Well, people make several personal plans; for example, most people make the plan about education. The second thing is that most of the youngsters want to settle abroad and they also add this thought on their schedule the third thing is that they want to earn a lot and on the other hand they want to fulfil their all dream and also want to get all facilities in their life.

Question 6:- For a person with children, what influence does this have on their Plans for the future?

Answer 1:- Having Children Have a considerable Influence On the Future Plans of any individual, especially females. For Example, they need to make quality time for their children right from conception; both Parents need to put in their time, funds and attention to raising their kids, so I Will Advice Anyone to make plans for children when they are planning for their Future.

Answer 2:- Well, it significantly impacts children if their parents make a personal plan for their career, for example, which Educational Institute is better for them.

Question 7:- Should parents set goals for children?

Answer 1:- Well, I Believe parents should make goals for their children as These kids Are new to the world they don’t know how things are Being done. Yet, although There is a limit to this, parents need to guide their kids in achieving these goals in a way that won’t Force them to do things against their will.

Answer 2:- Well definitely according to my opinion it is essential for parents to make a plan for their children because nowadays children are going on the wrong path and are destroying their future if the parents make a plan for their children then definitely they can become a success.

Question 8:- When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

Answer 1:- It’s Not advisable for parents to make plans and goals for children for long; kids Should be allowed to make plans for themselves, And I Believe this should Be done When the parents have ensured that the children are old and wise enough to make decisions of their own, most people say at 16 to 18 years, but I think age is not only the determinant, maturity and level of independence should also be considered.

Answer 2:- According to my perspective, there is no age limit to set a goal for young children. They make and set their goals at every age; it does not matter.

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