Describe a plant in your country Speaking

Describe a plant in your country Speaking

what the plant is
where it is grown
why you like or dislike it
and explain why it is important to your country.

There are many plants which are popular in our country. Here I would like to talk about the Tulsi plant (Ocimum tenuiflorum). This plant is known as holy basics. It is used for various purposes. This plant also has religious value. some of the Hindu families worship it daily.

Describe a plant in your country Speaking TulsiTulsi plant is available across the country but due to the medical benefits, now people grow it at entire their home. This plant also needs a natural condition for growing, So where natural lights and air are available it planted there. This is a small green plant and leaves are also very small but they very useful.

leaves of this plant help to cue the usual diseases or health disorders. I like this plant because it has a lot of advantages. Firstly leaves of this help to cure a cough, cold as well as fever.

I plant it at my own home also and I put some leaves of this plant in tea which help me to protect from any infection like Malaria or cold. So, From my point of view, this is a really very useful plant for the people.

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  1. I really likes your cue card because your cue is in simple language that can be consider very easily for me I am so thankful to you to help me gave good ideas for cue card thanks mam

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