Describe a product made in the region

Describe a product made in the region you come from or a popular product from your hometown.

1 What it is?

Well, I come from a developing country called India which is now plunging to become the world’s super developing nation. India is divided into numerous states which are further divided into towns and villages. Each state, as well as each village, has its own individuality as they do possess a different culture.One such thing which is prominent from our state is cotton sarees. India is called the cultural hub as its heritage is known for many centuries and most importantly the saree plays a pivotal role in the tradition of India. I come from a state called Mangala Giri which is located in the suburban region of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.

2 What is it used for

Numerous vendors do have the common business of selling Mangala Giri cotton sarees which are exported worldwide yearly in lakhs. The locals take specific care to spin the cotton and create beautifully handcrafted sarees with variant colors to meet the tastes of customers. The saree is typically 6 yards in length and people drape it which comes in various colors and prints. Cotton sarees are the favorite of many women as they are lightweight can be easily carried and the maintenance is cost-effective

3 Explain why your country makes it

A year-long profitable business is saree selling as we people like to adore ourselves in sarees based upon the different occasions either it is a festival or a birthday giving saree as a gift is considered a tradition here. Many foreigners do visit this place to get handlooms. Not only this, our residents do sell cotton dhotis which are used by men to wrap around their waist.

This is the end of speaking cue-card: (Describe a product made in the region you come from or a popular product from your hometown)

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3 thoughts on “Describe a product made in the region”

  1. Heena Kochhar

    My hometown has an ethnic and diverse background and that leads to an increase in the popularity of man-made products from different background. Let me describe one of the versatile products in all is a wooden basket, which is recently raised its popularity because of multipurpose usage.

    The basket is made from natural materials such as a banana leaf, bamboo stick, and tree roots. And this is increased its durability 4 to 5 years and also contribute to the environment as it is made from eco-friendly materials. However, their many baskets are available in market made from wire, plastic, and waste materials. Such products are difficult to recycle and not long-lasting.

    These baskets are made from women from deprived class and look like embroidery on top and have given cultural look with painting on its out side and given finishing so that its improve its beauty. The size pattern, colour and shape are different from others as it is the symbol of man made basket.

    Many tourists around the globe and nation who come my country likely to buy for multipurpose use such as to store seasonal grains and staples. To use as a jewellery box, showpiece in home and to keep fruits and vegetables in kitchen.

    Such handicraft products help women to earn money in this man dominated world and help to become independent. Those women who are illiterate and uneducated made beautiful wooden and woven basket, which are popular among tourists and run their families. Also, they are helping to spread culture and tradition of my hometown to surrounding world.

    Overall, I would like to say that handmade basket is also my favorite items and I love to keep in my home as multi uses.

  2. Gurvinder Singh

    Well, jaggery is a famous product from my hometown. People from ancient times love to eat it. It has a sweet taste and every age group person loves to eat it. People eat it and use it to make many dishes like they add jaggery in rice pudding and of course in making tea. It is considered good for health. So people avoid sugar and use it. It is made from sugarcane plants and it needs hard labor to prepare. The juice of the sugarcane is heated and after a few hours, it is prepared. My country has been preparing it for a long time. People earn money sometimes by selling jaggery powder.

  3. Heena Kochhar

    Wow, that is one of the interesting question, I would like to address a home- made eatable product which is quite famous in my hometown. As Indians, we love food. We focus as much the three courses of every meal, as on the four major meals of the day. The tradition of preparing savory and crunchy snacks at home and serving them with tea. It is followed in almost every part of the country but the difference lies in the variety of snacks that are prepared and enjoyed across different cultures and different states. Most of the Indian snacks are home- made, also it is very delicious and wholesome. One such well-known South Indian snack is the Murukku. Murukku is made up of rice flour, salt, urad dal and oil. We need to grind the urad dal, along with in a bowl we need to add rice flour and salt to taste and mix with some water until it forms as a thick batter. Heat the oil in the pan and put the batter in the muruku machine and press it. The outer layer which comes out in various shape and directly put in the oil pan. Wait until muruku turns reddish brown color, then delicious and yummy dish is ready. This eatable dish is used in occasion purpose like any festivals or it is one of the tea time snack etc.. Also, it is one of the dish, which can be served to god for worshiping. Every people from young age to adults like this dish. This eatable product is exporting to various parts of the country.

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