Talk about a place full of colors ?

Talk about a place full of colors?

– Where is it
– How you know about it
– When you went there
– What you did there
– Explain why you think it is colorful


Without colors life more boring and dull. colors play a vital role in our life and make our life more colorful. There are some colorful places. But I would like to talk about a colorful place located in my hometown. This is the rose garden of my hometown full of color.


There are many reasons why this place is full of color. This is the biggest park which covers a huge area. I must say that this park full od colors because of thousands and thousands of flowers available in this park.

In addition to it, there is greenery all around which makes this place colorful. apart from this, in this park, we can see the rare color of flowers such as black.

Furthermore, there are some colorful plants that spread the colors all around and there are some colorful birds such as butterflies, sparrows and so on which put contribute to making this place full of color.

Moreover, There is one children’s area where children spend their quality time and I must say that their hooting, laughing makes this place more colorful.


In my daily routine, I visit this park and enjoy the view of this place. This place gives me relaxation and sometimes I go there for study purposes and for some other purpose.


That is a place is full of color and put contributes to increasing the beauty of my hometown.

Talk about a place full of colors ?

This is the End of Cue Card (Talk about a place full of colors ?)

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