Describe a Project or Some Work That You Did With Others as a Member of a Team

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Describe a project or some work that you did with others as a member of a Team

What was it?
Who were the members of the team?
What role did you play in this team?
And explain how you achieved your goal?

Sample Answer Describe a Project or Some Work That You Did With Others as a Member of a Team

There are many projects that I can think of, and today I will talk about a project that we did during my school days in the mid-’90s. Local authorities organized an inter-school science competition in my city. Students from more than ten schools participated and came up with various science-based projects.

Mukesh sir was our Mathematics teacher those days, and he was our guide and mentor for this project. We were a team of four, including my best friend, Ramesh. Mukesh sir brainstormed us about an apparatus based on Pythagoras theorem and could calculate trigonometry problems. This apparatus we named “Cyclic Apparatus” and built on a hardboard paper material.

I was assigned to arrange building material for the apparatus and logistics to take it to the competition hall. Ramesh and I both went out and bought the necessary material. And we started building the apparatus with colored paper and light wood. Once it was ready, we had an internal demonstration within the school premises.

In the actual competition, I opened the demonstration session, we took turns to explain different problems, and finally, Ramesh concluded the session. We won first prize in the contest and got a cash reward as well. It was a memorable activity and a superb opportunity to learn and experience teamwork.

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