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Describe a Quiet Place Cue Card example

Describe a Quiet Place IELTS Cue Card example

You should say:

Where is it?

When do you like to go there?

What you do there?

Why do you like to visit there?

Sample Answer 1

Describe a Quiet Place I have visited many places but I would like to talk about a quiet place which I have been visited. Peaceful places attract me more than any other thing. According to me, Gurudwara Sahib is a very quiet and peaceful place rather than another place because all people, as well as the Sikhs, feel very good and peace in the Gurudwara Sahib.

I mostly like the Gurudwara Sahib which is located in “Nanaksar” village near my hometown and I have great believed in it. I like to go there anytime but especially on every Sunday.

We visit there and prays to “Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji” for the goodness of all people as well as my family because they are only who accept my every request and fill my lap with love and happiness.

I like to visit there because this Gurudwara Sahib has been spreading the principles of “Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji” which was the first Sikh guru. When I visit there it is just like a visit to heaven. I feel very happy and peace of time there.

The head of this Gurudwara Sahib always helps poor people. I will go there until the end of my life.

Sample Answer 2

It is very difficult to find quiet places in the fast-paced life of today. However, I would like to talk about a place where I go quite often and I find great peace there. The place I am referring to is a Sikh temple in my hometown, Gurdwara Sukhchainana Sahib.

I go there once a week, sometimes with family and sometimes with friends. Sometimes we walk to the gurdwara, and sometimes we go by car. It is about 3 km from my home. It is away from the main road, so it is very quiet there.

Whenever I go there, I do circumambulation of the holy book inside the main hall and pay obeisance to the almighty. There is a well-maintained fish pond in the gurdwara, which has many species of fish. I just sit on the steps of the pond and listen to the holy chants going on all the time there. It gives me great peace of mind.

Sometimes I take some bread from home and feed the fish. There are two catfish among the other many, who seem to be talking to me. I know it is all my imagination, but I love it over there. I feel that the tempo of life has slowed down a bit.

It is so relaxing to watch the movements of the fish in the water. This activity takes away all the physical and mental tiredness away from my body. I feel very light-heated after that. Even though there is always a great rush in this temple, yet one can find peace and quiet over there.

Sometimes, I offer voluntary services in the community kitchen over there. Free food is offered to one and all in the community kitchen and this service is round the clock. I generally go there on weekends and spend a good two hours there.

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Describe a Quiet Place Cue Card example

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