Success is something which most people try to achieve

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 Success is something which most people try to achieve. What can success mean to different people? What is your view of success?



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Success is certainly something which means different things to different people. In general I believe that being happy implies success in life. Thus, if someone has achieved what he wants out of life and he or she is happy with that, then you can see this person as successful.

As an example of this I would like to look at two friends of mine. One is an incredibly successful businessman and has a business empire worth many millions of pounds. Anyone looking at him would think him a successful person. To my mind though it is more important to see whether he is happy and this is more a measure of his success. He is happy. He does what he loves and also is lucky enough to have a great family which he spends a lot of time with. Another friend of mine is a history teacher who lives a quiet life in the countryside with his wife and son. He too has what he wants in life and, although he does not have the material wealth of my other friend, I wouldn‛t class him as any less successful. They have both achieved what they want. So, to some people success is money, some it‛s a family and to some it‛s just being able to get on with life.

To me success is happiness. I am not completely happy with my life at the moment but I have a plan and the plan is slowly working out. To me success is to be secure in work, home and the future for myself and my family. With any luck this will come about fairly soon and then I will look at myself as being a success. That does not mean I think of myself as a failure now. It

takes time to achieve what I want.

Therefore I hope I have shown that success can mean different things to different people and that, for me, the basis of success is happiness.

Success is something which most people try to achieve

Success is something which most people try to achieve

Success is something which most people try to achieve


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