example (37) studies hard In some countries young people have little leisure time

In some countries young people have little leisure time

In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of
pressure to work hard in their studies .
What do you think are the causes of this?
What solutions can you suggest?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

[shc_shortcode class=”shc_mybox”]Some young people find themselves with very little leisure time. I believe there are two
main causes of this situation. The first is parental pressure and the second is
competition fo

r university places.

Every parent wants to see his or her child do well in school and go on to have a
successful career. This means that they exert pressure on their children to spend hours
each day studying at home. Some even arrange extra tuition for their children. In
my own country, it is not

mon for young people to spend another three hours at small private schools
after their usual day at stale school is over. As a consequence, their leisure time is


emely limited and the pressure on them is considerable.

The second cause is related to the higher education system. Each year, there are many
times more applicants to university than there are university places. The result of this is
that only those students with very high grades manage to obtain a place. This
contributes to the pressure on teenagers since they must work long hours to have any
chance of success.

One solution to the problem is for parents to be made aware of the effects of the
pressure they put on their children.
Schools should inform parents that too much pressure can lead to anxiety, stress and
depression. They should be shown ways in which they can help their children lead
more balanced lives with a reasonable amount of leisure time.

Another effective measure would be for the government to invest in the creation of
more university places. This could be done by expanding existing universities or by
building new ones. This would have the effect of easing competition for places giving
teenagers some of their precious free lime back.

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