Describe a Resolution You Made in The New Year: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a resolution you made in the new year. You should say:

  • What is the resolution?
  • How will you complete it?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • Why did you make this resolution?

Sample 1  Describe a Resolution You Made in The New Year: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Resolutions which we which people tend to take on the occasion of the new year and the sum of them even failed to follow it the proper translation of making some good changes in our life as well so when this new year has the during the last year. I had made a resolution to change my physical well-being, have a proper state of Living at DTU, hit the gym regularly, and do proper workouts during prolonged sitting. I was gaining excess weight, so I have taken this resolution, and also I was suffering from back pain, so my doctor suggested me that I have to do some exercises at least once in a blue moon solution. I started going to the gym every day at morning 7:00, so energetic whenever I came out of my shell. I start with core exercises followed by in the next time permits I would also run for some crucial for me that I was the gaining a lot of weight I said that it is the right time for me to work out regularly and the time following the proper diet plan these combined changes as a proper adopt a proper lifestyle, and also I have been following this protein for the past five to six months in the future I have to make sure that I am following this without.

Sample 2 Describe a Resolution You Made in The New Year: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Ample individuals like to make a New Year resolution in their day-to-day life in order to maintain their living standards. Even the majority of people also set new resolution goals in the new year to start a new beginning in life. I would like to talk about a resolution which I made last year. Even though I was in a massive dilemma about how to fulfil that resolution, even I put a lot of effort into fulfilling that resolution. I remember vividly last year due to lack of activity. I gained about 5 KG weight and also became a couch potato. The reason behind this was that I spent my time all on online games for a long time, even I consumed a lot of street food and junk food, which made my lifestyle mundane even though I also lost my confidence and was unable to have a conversation with my friends so that time was quite daunting for me I was in depression and avoided all the works which I need to do on that time moreover my father also came to me and gave his suggestion about to make a new resolution goal to reduce your weight. I immediately accepted his suggestion, and I set my resolution goals. I need to fulfil it now in one month so firstly I rejected all the diet’s even junk food and added nutrition as well as vegetarian meals in a morning breakfast even. I also joined a gym, preferred to go for a walk, and did meditation for 15 to 20 minutes every day, and I also followed one of the most motivator died conscious instructors on the internet even. I got a tremendous idea from there, which I added to my lifestyle to enhance my living standards in an appropriate manner. Apart from that, one was the most challenging thing for me was to avoid sweet foods because sweet food is my favourite, and I took an oath for one month to never tasted chocolate and sweet dishes, which was very interesting even though it was a herculean task for me to avoid such kind of things. I need to consume in my day-to-day life. Moreover, at first, five days were too tricky for me, but according to time, I became habitual and reduced my gain weight by about 5 KG even. I also got my confidence back and spent quality time with friends and shared the concern I was suffering from, so it was the new resolution goal that I made myself and completed in one month, so that was when I fulfilled my resolution in a given time frame.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Resolution You Made in The New Year: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- What are the most common resolutions in your country?

Answer 1:- Individuals in India plan to quit smoking or drinking when in the venue. Yours if this is the best resolution people who are involved in such have that have to make because it these kinds of habits have a lot of impact on their physical well-being and it also creates a lot of your health problems so all these kinds of situations can be easily eliminated if this kind of resolution is being made

Answer 2:- Lots of resolutions in my country which people need to make In their lifestyle also enhance their living standards even some of the youngsters like to reduce the gain weight on a given time because they are very health freak, even some of the people like to on better. So they want to do more struggle and achieve their milestone. Moreover, in terms of the children, they set new resolution goals for their academics to achieve more scores for a better opportunity in the future, which people need to make. I think these goals are common in my country.

Question 2:-How difficult would it be for you to save money this year?

Answer 1:- It will be really challenging because I am actually planning to go on an international trip. It is really that easy to say when I already have so many plans and apps to complete on my bucket list.

Answer 2:- Yes, it is kind of a difficult task for me to save money in a fast-paced life. Even it is a kind of complicated task for me to save money this year because I have some sort of plans to buy something from my savings like a mobile phone, laptop, and furniture, so after all, I will calculate my all savings then I will consume my money according to which I need so I will try my best to save the money in this year about one lakh is the total depending on the situation because future is never predicted.

Question 3:-How difficult would it be for you to get fit this year?

Answer 1:- It is quite challenging for me to reduce weight and become more. I have to work out for more than one hour in the Gym so by the end of an hour it is really neetu put myself increase myself and do the exercise, so this is a really tough I had taken.

Answer 2:- Well, according to my workaholic schedule so, I have some limited time to get a fit in this year, but I will find spare time to enhance my living standard even. I will make a timetable which I need to follow in my day to day I life, so I prefer to go for a walk and do yoga in the morning along with the medication, so those kinds of things which I need to make for my body because of the body is a one of the most foremost expect for the human lifestyle which needs to make a healthy we also feel more comfortable in our life.

Question 4:-What do you think this year will be like for you?

Answer 1:- Anticipate that this year is going to be a really fascinating one for me because I am planning to go for and I am going to see a lot of architectural sides, the famous Eiffel Tower and many other features as well, so this is what I am planning to do this year.

Answer 2:- So that depends on hope, so I hope this year brings numerous opportunities in my lifestyle which need to improve my living standards because I have some sort of plans to fulfill my desire which I like to get a job because I do a lot of hard work to get my job according to my field. Which I am seeking for so this year I have some sort of idea I will become a senior member in a multinational company apart from that this year I also have some plans to enhance my living standards.

Question 5:-What things would you like to stop doing this year?

Answer 1:- I am planning to reduce the number of Hearts I spend on social media because it is really killing my time, and also, my eyesight is deteriorating. This is the one habit we’ll take action on, which I want to reduce or, if possible, eliminate completely.

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