Describe a Robot You Really Like: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a robot you really like. You should say:

  • What type of robot is it?
  • When and Where did you see it?
  • What can the robot do?
  • Why do you like it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Robot You Really Like

I believe that Robo has created a significant breakthrough in the field of cutting-edge technologies, and it is one of the major impacts of Artificial Intelligence and the way it revolutionized the entire world. There have also been a lot of innovations going on, and also there have been some experiments that are made by replicating the work which humans can do in the form of robots. I came across this I encountered such kind of a robot, which is a human-based robot, during my 25th birthday restaurant called robot restaurant in Chennai, and I felt that it was the most impressive innovation which I had ever come across in my life because the hotel where not human beings but it was a robot which so does the Exotic dishes it was actually one of my friend who recommended this restaurant. I decided that why not celebrate my 25th birthday in a much extraordinary manner so last month I visited it we ordered lots of recipes and the food Boss football served by the robot robots really impressive and it is also, and I can say confidently that there would be no glitches when robots are operated in spite of humans did the same work with the service had done in normal restaurants I believe that it is the best way to reduce the human labour at the end of the mean we clicked photos with the director with the Robo and the restaurant ships and be uploaded social media and I believe that this kind of new innovation would impress a lot of people.

Follow ups Describe a Robot You Really Like

Question 1:- Do you like robots to work at your home?

Answer – Yes indeed I was looking for some special equipment which can replace the work which is done by humans because it saves our time and I recently saw an advert on Amazon which is the automatic cleaner so there is a small Robo which can be deployed in our home and it can do the speaking nothing and other cleaning activities in her.

Question 2:- Do you want to take a car in which the robot is the driver?

Answer –No, I wouldn’t risk my life by deploying a robot for driving purposes. I would do it by myself rather than being dependent on an artificial machine because I believe that robots might use their power during the drive, and terror a high chance that they might lose their charging so it would be a hazardous situation if such an instance occurs during the drive.

Question 3:- Will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely?

Answer –Are not really because humans are required to function and operate the robots, and also they are required to program them according to the given accordingly. I feel that that there is a difficulty that the humans with the robots with completely replace the employees.

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