Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit: IELTS Cue Card

Describe an activity you do to keep fit: You should say:–

  • What is the activity?
  • When and where do you usually do it?
  • How do you do it?
  • Explain why it can keep you fit?

Sample Answer of Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit

There are copious activities which I do on a regular basis to keep myself fit, and also I ensure that I have suitable physical well-being and those activities include running jogging swimming and other sports activities how about the most favourite one. I feel that it really energizes me is working out in the gym, wake up early in the morning, around 6:00. I just spent 4 miles, and fresh up after that, I would hit the gym. It’s actually in my apartment, so it is just a 5-minute walk from my residence to relax and rejuvenate. I feel energetic throughout the day, and post, my session starts with light exercises such as on treadmill data, followed by some severe running with the highest speed limit on the same treadmill. I would lift some weights and it ladies from 1 kg to 5 kgs it actually at first I was back I was suffering from back pain. I was also obese, so I considered a doctor. He suggested that I have to take part in some physical activity, so I got the motivation after a good target. After that, I started hitting the gym on a regular basis. Now I’m able to maintain my health, and I feel that I am healthy, way healthier than I was before, and I need to continue this for uS as possible.

Sample Answer of Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit

Staying fit is an essential thing to do to help boost your immune system and prevent you from getting ill, and this has been the ultimate motive for me to take up an activity to keep myself fit at all times. In the past, I usually would go jogging early in the morning before I started my daily activities, and this was very helpful; also, many people took part in this activity which made it fun to do, but this is not happening now. For now, I do keep fit by doing daily workouts and exercises such as skipping in my house after I wake up and in the evening before taking my supper. Also, I have an application on my phone which guides me to exercise and is very useful, so I always do these exercises to keep myself fit at all times. I turned from going jogging to doing my own exercise in the house due to some factors such as how the world has become now; it is usually unsafe outside, and especially in the morning, even with different people, this is because bad people are all around looking for people to harm them and this makes it dangerous and scary sometimes when you are outside at that time. Also, you run the risk of getting knocked by a passing vehicle if care is not taken. But there is enough peace and security when you stay in your house and do your exercises. For this reason, I have set an alarm that reminds me when it’s time to exercise, and the application guides me with pictures of every step I should take and also reads out to me even when I am not looking at my phone. Hence, it makes it easier for me to exercise in the house. I can’t really tell for the future, but I am sure as time goes by, there will be changes to how I am doing things right now, and I hope it tends to be of tremendous help and become even easier for me when the time is due.

Follow ups of Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit

Question 1:- What do old people in your country do to keep fit?

Answer 1:- Senior citizens create a proper habitual ribbon to keep themselves healthy and fit, so they wake up early in the morning and go for a walk for at least one or two hours. This actually helps them to stay healthy throughout, and then they also follow a properly nutritious diet, so these two aspects are mostly followed by the older people.

Answer 2:- Keeping fit in my country for old people varies among others. Especially the affluent would usually go to the gym since it’s readily available to them. But for the less privileged people, it’s usually their everyday lives that keep them fit, which is usually farming that they do to keep themselves fit.

Question 2:- What kinds of sports are popular in India?

Answer 1:- Many sports activities are prominent in my country, and some of those are cricket, hockey, badminton athletics, and I see that cricket is the most popular among all these.

Answer 2:- In India, I am sure you are aware of the major sport that we are well known for, which is cricket, and this is the most popular thing we usually do here in India.

Question 3:- Do you think young people should play dangerous sports?

Answer 1:- I’m not really because nearest sports activities require a lot of training and I believe there is also a specified age limit for all the activities which are artists so that installs are supposed to participate in such activities.

Answer 2:- A dangerous sport is something no one would recommend for anyone to do in their daily lives, and I am not sure this is a good thing as well. This is because risking your life for a particular sport is considered life-threatening and will not bring about any good results. If it is not a challenging game or a contest, people should not indulge in such acts that could end their lives.

Question 4:- What else people can do to keep fit besides sports?

Answer 1:- I think a proper diet and consuming nutritious food helps a person to stay fit and healthy because a number most people are referring to fast foods and something which can be cooked within 2 minutes. Hence, I feel that these kinds of products must be avoided so they can have a proper home-cooked meal.

Answer 2:- In the olden days, people did not indulge solely in sports to keep themselves fit, but they were almost as healthier as we do today. So I guess in this case, people can ignore sports as the only means to keep themselves fit and instead indulge in regular home workouts such as skipping and squatting. Also, a little run around our homes, usually in the morning, is also a good thing to keep us going and keep us fit.

Question 5:- What can parents do to make their children like sports?

Answer 1:- I think that they can enrol themselves in a lot of volunteering clubs, and also I believe that there are so many sports activities which are organized by the school management so after classes, parents must ensure that their children are regularly participating in such sports events which eventually creates interest Sunday would stay fit and healthy eventually.

Answer 2:- For parents to make their children like sports, they should make some sporting activities available in their homes, like table tennis and basketball courts, and also they can play football in their homes, and by so doing they will definitely come to like sports as they grow. Also, parents should make their children watch sporting activities on the television and encourage them to practice at home and on their phones; these will all help the children to like sports and eventually make an impact from it.

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