Describe a Rule that You Don’t Like: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a rule that you don’t like. You should say:-

  • What it is?
  • Why you don’t like it?
  • How do others feel about the rule?
  • And explain whether you’ve followed the rule?

Sample Answer of Describe a Rule that You Don’t Like

There are so many norms and regulations which have been established in each and every part of her life with her beneficial for our will be; however, there is one particular rule. I despise the most enduring my school day, and that is the opposite gender should not talk with each other as boys should not talk with girls and girls should not talk with boys. I just hated this rule, and there are so many problems that arise because of this rule, which was implemented by our school management. It was difficult to communicate with one another. There was a lack of understanding. There was literally no bonding between a group of students, and the other started believing that there was some kind of enemies rivalry among them and that this rule had been followed for ages. Then there would be zero understanding between partners in the future. My companions, despite disproved the even took initiative to talk to the teachers and also with the headmasters to demolish the stool or at least we consider about it, but it was of no use in spite of this rule I used to talk with all my companion’s boys or girls, and I was I had a good friendship with all my fears a respective of gender.

Sample Answer of Describe a Rule that You Don’t Like

They are plenty of rules Wich plays a crucial role in the lifestyle of the people even rules also change the life of every individual which enhance their living standards even rules also too vital for everyone they are some rules which people like to follow in their day to day life some rules in favour of the people and some people can’t be able to afford the rules in their daily routine. I would like to talk about a rule which I don’t like. It is an odd/ even rule in my city, and this rule was recently imposed by the Delhi government due to rapidly increasing the amount of traffic in my city, so that’s the reason our government implemented it to reduce the traffic problems in my city, but there is some factor which I don’t like this rule seriously I know this rule has ample benefits in the term of people lives, but there is some situation which I don’t like this rule. I am unable to follow in my day-to-day life, and I don’t like this rule, firstly the rule disturbs the life of a common man who has one car even an old unfortunately I also belong to the same category, moreover, in a difficult situation or urgent time we are unable to move outside who has owed odd or even number car plate and the majority of people like to face drastic consequences in their life moreover I remembered vividly last week, it was even day. I engaged in a serious problem, but I didn’t go outside because I had an odd number Car plate. As a result, I faced massive loss in my business, and I suffered from various consequences and saved my job, and that rules have a harmful effect on the lifestyle of the people. Apart from that, it’s my humble request to the Delhi government to lift this rule immediately and save the lifestyle of the people because people already suffering from the Covid pandemic crisis situations are not controlled yet in order to manage another loss in business.

Follow ups  Describe a Rule that You Don’t Like

Question 1:- Why do schools make rules?

Answer 1:- Are schools normally set up norms and regulations to have proper discipline? If there were no rules, then how students would die Hindi disciplined, they would roam here and there they would not talk about their life seriously, so it is crucial for schools to establish as many rules as possible.

Answer 2:- There are plenty of reasons why schools make rules for the children even one of the foremost reasons is that schools want to maintain the discipline among the students which are they like to follow in their poor future prospects moreover when our children like to interact with the rules and also understand responsibility is to recognize all the things with their presence of mind it helps to improve their academic records which brings a tremendous of opportunity in future.

Question 2:- What’s the importance of obeying the law?

Answer 1:- I think it makes our life most secure if we obey the law, for instance, if we are not supposed to drink and drive because we might use our concentration if we are in doctor Kata, so I believe that it is crucial for everyone to follow the laws which have established by the government.

Answer 2:- The importance of being the law is very vital for everyone. I think laws always remind us to maintain our discipline and give a lesson about life when you follow the rules with your presence of mind you consider an honest person in the country moreover there are some reasons why higher authorities impose a law to maintain the conditions of the nation.

Question 3:- What can parents and teachers do to help children follow rules?

Answer 1:- That it is important for teachers and parents to have good communication and explain all the rules in a neat and comprehensive manner so their kids can understand the importance of following these rules, if they tell these rules in an inappropriate way or in an arrogant way, then they would definitely not follow these rules, and they would end up in trouble have patience, and they should explain and elaborate all the circumstances in what if the rules have not been photos.

Answer 2:- There are numerous lessons which parents and teachers provide to their children in their day-to-day life terms of teachers, and they always provide appropriate lessons about the rules in schools which children like to follow in their daily routine and also enhance their living standards apart from their parents gives some less value to follow the rules of the government which able to succeed in future.

Question 4:- Is it a good thing to break rules sometimes?

Answer 1:- I am concerned it is better to break the rules in sometimes of situations for instance during my school days as I mentioned earlier there was a rule where girls and boys are not supposed to talk to each other so not just me some of my friends have also Prove the rule, and we used to have a good bonding with the opposite gender as well, and it actually created a good friendship among us, and I am happy to say that we are still in touch with your friends so I would say that rule I am happy with all my friends.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t think so the breaking the rules is not compatible with the person because with a short delay we also spoil all the life behind the bars so that practices will not lead any benefit in the life of individuals moreover they are lots of situations we need to do wait and have the patience to move forward.

Question 5:- Why do some people say that rules are made to be broken?

Answer 1:- I believe that some people are arrogant, and they just want to deserve whatever has been established or has been told to them, so they don’t have the mentality to listen to others, and they always want to know about themselves. The reason why some people keep saying that rules are meant to be broken.

Answer 2:- There is some section of people who say rules would be broken in some situations because they don’t have any patience with the rules until it would be lifted. Apart from that, some people are in a hurry, and they don’t like to obey the rules and wait for a long time until they have any crucial work.

Question 6:- Do you think it is necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely all the school students must wear a uniform on a daily basis. Only then students would have a common perspective, and there would be no differences or no partiality. There could be certain situations where people would judge one another based on the garments they own. Show hands Off problems can be overcome, and also, students can have a good rapport with one another if this kind of eliminated completely by following the rule of adorning a uniform.

Answer 2:- Yes, school uniform provides numerous benefits to the lifestyle of the children. Firstly it maintains the discipline among the children who want to go to school, and the uniform always reminds the students they are already in a reputed school, and they like to focus more on their Studies. Wearing a uniform reduces confusion and also promotes school attendance, play and tension in their study and also follows discipline focus and good behaviour among the children.

Question 7:- Are the rules at school good or bad? Why?

Answer 1:- Depends upon what pruritus for instance, in a school we have to complete our homework every day and the next day it is a compulsory rule that has to check their pupil’s homework, and in case of any incomplete or unwritten work then it must be reported to the parents so I believe that that this is of the fruit benefit of the students however in some cases staff some rules HSR boys and girls student talk with each other and opposite gender should maintain distance with the other 12 in those kinds of rules that deteriorated for their own benefit hence this times of rules are not good.

Answer 2:- There are various rules that students should follow at school. The first and foremost rule is to wear a uniform as per the school director, the second is to follow the timetable and always be punctual thirdly, submit their homework on time so this kind of rule must be vital in their life.

Question 8:- What rules should children follow at home?

Answer 1:- There are so many rules that sharks have to follow and children have to follow in their respective homes. Firstly, they need to have a proper skin dual such as waking up early in the morning, getting ready to go to school, and once they come back, they need to complete their homework on time. Secondly, they should know about table manners and how you have to respect the food when you are eating it they should know the respect which they have to give to their elders and also with their to their peers.

Answer 2:- There are some rules which children like to follow in their home, and their parents must help the painter to keep the home spic and span. They need to maintain personal hygiene by bathing daily and also following the timetable of their lifestyle.

Question 9:- How are people punished when parking at the wrong spot?

Answer 1:- I know thing there are certain punishments implemented for people parking wrong in India. If a person Park in sector wrong spot, then the other to the vehicle away and then they have to go to the nearest police station and pay the fine yes they would just receive a ticket, and they have to again pay the fine immediately, so these are just small punishments which four are given to the public.

Answer 2:- Well, there are some rules and regulations in my country when people like they’re wrong parking. According to the law, the officer would be fined around Rs.500 for the wrong parking. Sometimes the car should be impounded moreover its law must be followed in my country and also deal with the people who make their wrong parking.

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