Describe a school you went to in your childhood

Describe a school you went to in your childhood.

You should say:

  1. Where it was
  2. 2 What it was like
  3. What you learned there

And explain how you felt about it.

1 Where it was

Revisiting our childhood memories is definitely a dream for everyone. And today I wish to recollect my memories by answering this question. In my childhood, my higher education was completed in a Christian school called Bethany school. It was a 3 storied building which was located in the heart of the city may be due to which it lacked a huge playground which is a demerit of it. However, our correspondent took care that we did not miss our physical exercise and hired a nearby playground for us to perform pour pt classes without fail.

2 What it was like

The building was painted green as our school’s official color was green and our school dresses also were a combination of green and white. The education system was affiliated with an Indian certificate for secondary education that is ice. We had from 1 to 10 grades. Later on, they have opened branches of kindergarten too. Our teaches were very friendly, the happiest part was we went our taking our practicals in chemistry physics as a look at those apparatus and machines made us excited. We have various school functions out of which Christmas was celebrated on a grand scale as it was a Christian school.

3 What you learned there

School plays a pivotal role in shaping an individual both mentally and physically. We learned the basics of our education in school. In addition, I made friends for life in my school premises, I still have my staunchest ally who is my school friend. Moreover, arts and crafts which are essential to developing our creative skills are earned at school which I feel am good at. The most important thing in acquired at school is punctuality and discipline. Which made me what I am today.



1. What’s the difference between teachers now and teachers in the past?

When comparing teachers from past to now. The first thought that prevails in my mind is commitment. In earlier days teachers used to show extra care and we felt they went an extra edge to teach us however nowadays not all the mentors do have this quality in them.

2 is there any difference between being taught by a teacher and being taught by AI?

The major difference in being taught by a teacher and through artificial intelligence like the computer is lacking in the human touch. The feeling on we been observed keenly by someone makes us more committed to work whereas a computer can never train us like a tutor who knows our capability and can train in our weak portions

3 What is the difference between a private school and a public school?

They are vast variations in government-run schools and private organized schools. Firstly the difference in fee structure is a huge void. Secondly, the supporting teaching staff may vary from school to school. Thirdly, the infrastructure also has its own limitation sin a public school as the government allocates little funds to improvise the, on the other hand, private schools lure parents by showing high-end technologies and ac classrooms.

4 do you think there is a difference between international schools and other schools?

I personally feel an international school just has some more optional or added subjects to the other schools. As maths sciences and English are the core subjects for any school. May be french or german would be the other taught subjects which n kids can learn if required which is not mandatory.

This is the end of speaking(Describe a school you went to in your childhood.)

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