Describe a Selfie that You Catch on Your Mobile on Your Favourite Occasion

Describe a selfie that You catch on your mobile on your favourite occasion

  • When was it taken?
  • Where was it taken?
  • Who took it? Or How you take it?
  • Explain how you felt about the photo.

Sample 1

Here I surely admit the pic of mine which I took on the occasion of my sis in laws marriage. It was around one year back. I was wearing a saree grey colour with a combination of pink. It gave me a stunning look as I went to get ready for the parlour. My saree was too heavy. I had a sufficient amount of time to take some pics of mine as all the functions were so nearby that I couldn’t take any pics. So once I got time, I took a very nice selfie with the beautiful lights surrounding me. The background was too awesome as it was a pool as the marriage was in a resort. After taking a snap, I felt so amazed. Because after watching the pic, I felt like I was looking stunning. I had no idea about that. In that, it was like I was not looking like a mother of a kid. So this was the selfie that I loved.

Sample 2

Well, pictures are the best way to learn their memories. I take so many pictures in my daily routine. But today here I would like to talk about a when I time when I take photographs. Actually, I remember when I was in 10 the standard. That time my friends and I went on a school trip to Chandigarh. Apart from it, at this time, I saw so many new things in Chandigarh. I visited the rock garden, rose garden and Sukhmna lake. I clicked on a lot of pictures with my friends. But one of my favourite pictures which I clicked near the river. After that, I clicked these pictures reached the centre of the rose garden. In this area, the picture quality was clear. Apart from it, on the right side are a small sweet shop was available. Then on the left-hand side some blank area. Despite, in the backside, people paint the walls. All my teachers and friends clicked the photos in this area. I felt over the moon after clicking the pictures. It was a very precious moment for me. So that was the time I caught the selfie on my mobile phone.

Follow-ups of Describe a Selfie that You Catch on Your Mobile on Your Favourite Occasion

Question 1:- Do your country people like to take photos of themselves?

Answer 1:- Yes. Nowadays, it is a trend to take a selfie. Everywhere when you look around, you will find people taking their pics on their own. Also, on trips also, they keep on taking selfies. You can say it is a trend to take selfies. It shows nowadays no one needs each other.

Answer 2:- Well, in my country people like to take photographs by themselves. Apart from this, in my nation, Indian individuals take selfies on the salad days of the millennium. After that, in this era, all individual have their own mobile phone. They click the pictures every day with their kith and kins.

Question 2:- What kinds of devices do people like to use for taking photos these days?

Answer 1:- Any company camera or phone. Any phone that takes clean n clear pics that phone is in demand. The phone is not used for calling. The main purpose of it is the camera. People tend to think that if the pixel of the phone camera is good, they will definitely buy that phone. They do not think of other necessary applications.

Answer 2:- Well, individuals use various types of things for clicking pictures like cameras, mobile phones and many more. After that these days, the majority of individuals click the pictures with the help of a mobile phone. In my perspective, the mobile click the better quality of the picture.

Question 3:- Why do some people like to delete photos?

Answer 1:- It’s because the pics are taken randomly. There are many clicks that are not proper, not good, not required. Also, in some pics, they feel that they are not looking good. They can not put that on social media. All this make them delete the pic.

Answer 2:- Well, individuals delete the pictures for some reasons; first of all, sometimes the pictures are not good as well as sometimes the quality of the picture is not clear, and the phone storage is full. That’s why they delete the pictures.

Question 4:- Why do some people like to keep photos?

Answer 1:- Memories. By taking pics, we create a memory. Lifetime memory. It gives us the remembrance of that day when we took a photo. It gives us happiness as well as sadness. We can remember how we were looking in the past. All these things make to keep the old snaps.

Answer 2:- Well, some individuals like to keep pictures because the photographs describe the past and memories. So that’s why they take care of the photographs in different ways.

Question 5:- Has the way people take photos changed?

Answer 1:- Previously it was a camera that had a role in it. We can tame a maximum of 30 pics with one roll. After that, we need to change it. Then came the phone, which had a memory card in which, up to the limit of the card, we could take pics. And now it has expandable memory phones and also in build memory. So one can take pics as much as they want to. Previously there was no choice of camera. Because there was limited availability. But now there is a wide range of mobile phones. There are lots of options.

Answer 2:- Certainly, the people who take the photographs have changed the way. Apart from it, there are different types of cameras and mobile phones available. After that, individuals can click the pictures. They can save the pictures on a mobile phone and memory card.

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