Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone

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Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone

  • Where was it?
  • When was it?
  • Why were you not allowed?
  • What did you want to do with your cell phone?

Sample Answer of Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone

Well many times it happened with me when I was not allowed to use my mobile phone sometimes at the time of delivering lectures because of the the pressure of utilising time effectively and sometimes, whenever I am at religious places. Here I would like to speak about a time when I wanted to use my mobile phone to convey a message to my friend but I was unable to use. In the bygone days, I can say a couple of weeks ago my friend and I decided to go to Sikh Shrine to pay obeisance to Almighty. It was Sunday as we both were free from our work and we decided to meet near the entrance of it.

As it was a last day of a week,so huge rush of devotees was expected. I could not find a place to stand on because people were admiring and reciting Hymn.So I went inside and I was taken aback to see the beauty of the temple. It was beautifully decorated and and I also involved myself in admiring the almighty and recited hymns.Suddenly I received a message and my friend wanted to know about my whereabouts but it was impossible for me to make her understand via sending text messages. So I felt the need to make a call as I dialled her number, one disciple came to me and strictly forbade me to use my cell phone. I apologized for that and narrated her the story and then instead of allowing me to use mobile phone, he announced he made announcement to reach in the community hall and told me to meet her there. So that was a time when I was helpless but I was happy at the same time because finally I met my friend.

Follow-Ups Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone

Question 1 What’s the effect of the mobile phone?

Answer – Mobile phones are boon and bane. If I talk about the benefits to individual then benefits are immense but at the same time it’s downsides can’t be overlooked as people have become slave of electronic gadgets and they can’t do at their own even to remember a phone number is difficult for them due to dependency on these.

Question 2 Why young people want Expensive mobile phones?

Answer – Young people want costly electronic gadgets because they want to display their wealth as well as to maintain their status among their friends. Moreover expensive mobile phones have additional features that allure them to buy these.

Question 3 What’s the smartphone utilized the most for?

Answer – Smartphones are mostly used for making calls, chatting with friends, making videos and uploading them on social sites. Moreover they are helpful in businesses so people can store confidential information in these. Besides they are widely used for attending seminars for video conferences.

Question 4 What’s your view about selfies?

Answer – Well every person has different view.In my perspective,selfies are best entertainment source now it is in trend to take selfie either people are eating out or they are making something special at their home. So people usually take selfie and make the people aware about their whereabouts as well as the dish that they prepare. I think it is used only for entertainment purposes.

Question 5 What’s your view on buying an expensive phone?

Answer – Well I don’t consider it a good idea to buy expensive phone because it has all the same function as the ordinary one but due to additional features or more clarity they are widely popular but the biggest drawback is that if they have any kind of damage either the screen or the front camera then it costs people an arm and a leg.

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