Describe a Skill That You Can Teach Other People

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Describe a skill that you can teach other people
● What it is
● How you learnt it
● How can you teach others this skill
● How do you feel about this skill

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill That You Can Teach Other People

Learning is a continuous process. Everyone can learn anything at any age if they have the passion for learning. as I want to be a software developer, so I join an investigation to learn languages. I remember I completed my course in just four months after that, I started working as a software professional

But during this covid-19 lockdown, everything was stuck. I felt monotonous at home then i have thought to give online classes to the student who is an excellent opportunity for me and those who want to learn new languages. While teaching, I also revised. I make a proper syllabus and divide it into portions to not feel so much burden on them. Then I post an ad on Facebook about this course. After three days, I got the first call from a student in another state and wants to learn new technologies.                                   IELTSFever Twitter

In few days, I make a group of fifteen students and fix a proper time, and we spend almost 2 hours daily on the online class. Then, I give them a little project daily, which will allow them to learn and make work complete to show me. In the initial stage, some students cannot understand, so for those students, sometimes I spend extra time so that they can learn properly. Within three months, I teach the whole syllabus to them that love the way I teach them. Even I love to teach others because it will give me a feeling of gratitude. So this is the skill which I can teach others.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Skill That You Can Teach Other People 

Ques 1. Should teachers be funny when they teach?
Ans: In my opinion teachers should be funny because when they teach while cracking a joke or doing something funny, it has a significant impact on pupils’ minds and is an easy way to learn.
Ques 2. What qualities should teachers have?
Ans: In my view, teachers should have great qualities like they should be the soft-hearted person and must be punctual.
Ques 3. Which do you think are more critical practical skills or academic skills?
Ans: Subjects like teaching and engineering are skill-based. In these subjects, practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge.
Ques 4. Which age group is the best age for learning?
Ans: According to researchers, 4- to 12-year-old age groups showed the most substantial learning effect.

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