You Are Working for an International Company. GT Writing Task 1

You are working for an international company. You have seen an advertisement for a training course which will be useful for your work. Write a letter to your manager.
In your letter, you should:
● describe why you want to take the course
● explaining how it will be beneficial to the company
● tell who will be managing your work in your absence

Sample Answer of You Are Working for an International Company. Gt Writing Task 1

Dear sir,
Through this epistle, I would like to tell you about a course which I want to take on behalf of our company.


I am working as a software developer in this organization for the last five years. As you know when we need a web designer we hire from outside by paying an extra cost. even then sometimes we have to wait for a couple of hours which delay our work. Recently I saw an advertisement for a web designing course on television which is for six months only. I express my feeling to learn this course because this will help us in our work as well as save our money which we pay to web designer. Moreover, after learning this course I will inculcate other colleagues in our office.

I already discuss with my team about this course they agree with this and I will assist my team members with my work so that they can easily handle work in my absense. I will make text file of credentials of those projrct on which I started woking recently. and do not worry about current project because i will complete that with the end of this month. so please give me permission so that i can prepare accordingly.

Looking for your approval
Your sincerely,

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