Describe a Special Hotel You Stayed in

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Describe a special hotel you stayed in

  • Where it is
  • What it is like
  • Why you went there
  • And how you felt about it

Sample Answer of Describe a Special Hotel You Stayed in

Traveling to interesting places on vacations is quite good. but getting to spend the night in a luxury hotel is even better. Here I would like to talk about the experience of enjoying a few nights in such a hotel.

The hotel I am talking about is located in the city of Palampur whose name is Alpha hills hotel. The hills views from the Hotel were spectacular. I came to know about this Hotel from the internet when I was looking for a 5-star hotel for a few nights. I saw ample of hotels but when I read their facilities I was fascinated towards their facilities. Then I decided to first check the rooms before check-in. When I enter the hotel they warmly welcome us and serve water. I asked them to showrooms and the manager showed me multiple rooms according to facilities. Then I selected a double bedded room for us. That room was well furnished and maintained. even there is Smart LED with wi-fi connectivity was also provided. Moreover, there is an attached washroom with high-class amenities. They also provide room service for food and other necessary things.

In addition to this, The view from the was simply outstanding and we also clicked our pictures from the balcony. It was overwhelming. experience for us. The Hotel was special because of its unique location from where anyone can see the whole city. And the best thing is Hotel was not so expensive as it was pocket friendly too. Finally, I would like to thank the Hotel staff who treated us like family.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Special Hotel You Stayed in

Ques 1: Do the ratings influence their choice?
Ans: Definitely yes, Most of the people while purchasing or booking something they check ratings and reviews of that product. they always love to buy high rated products because they have trust in high rated products.

Ques 2: How do people reserve rooms?
Ans: In this present era, the whole scenario has been changed because of internet facilities. people check the room on the website. after comparing the best room they do booking.

Ques 3: What influences people’s choice of hotels?
Ans: Well, there are ample of things which people are considering while choosing a hotel. First of all the location of the Hotel. then what kind of rooms they are providing. after that what kind of amenities they are serving to their customer.

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