Your Internet Connection Has Been Slow and Intermittent

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Your internet connection has been slow and intermittent. Write a letter to your internet service provider to complain. In the letter:

  • Describe the problem and why you are unhappy
  • Arrange for an engineer to visit your home
  • Request a reduction in your bill

Sample Answer of Your Internet Connection Has Been Slow and Intermittent

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to let you know that I am experiencing an internet problem owing to its low speed and very often this service is irregular.

I am experiencing frequent outages and on top of that, it has caused heavy financial loss to my online business that I had recently started. The slow speed of the internet has made me delayed in delivering the information about fresh arrival clothes, footwear to my valuable customers.

I would like to request you to look into the matter for your valuable customers. Could you send professionals to fix the problem? I am available at home every evening from 6 p.m. onwards. So, they can come as soon as possible.

I hope for a reduction in my current bill as I was not able to use your service since when I had taken from you this FAQ. So, I am entitled to make compensation otherwise I would have no other alternative except changing my connection with another service provider.
Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Yours Faithfully,

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