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Describe a Sports Program You Like to Watch: Recent Cue Card

Describe a Sports Program You Like to Watch: Recent Cue Card

Describe a sports program you like to watch. You should say:

I watch different kinds of programs every day. My favourite one is a sports program because I’m a big fan of sports, and especially cricket is my favourite 🏏. I am an intermediate-level cricket player in my area.

People call me Dhoni because I play like him. Here, I will talk about one sports program I watch every weekend. Its name is Champion with Breakfast, a program inviting a sportsperson to do lunch or dinner 🍳🥗.

One interesting thing about this program is Champion Breakfast, but they never actually have breakfast because every sports person has a tight schedule in the morning, so they need to do workouts 🏋️‍♂️.

They need to maintain their fitness, so they only come for lunch and dinner. In this program, the host asks the sportsperson different kinds of questions about how they develop their skills in any particular sport, and they explain that they struggle a lot 🎤.

After they acquire their skills, they are very polite and humble. I came across this program in 2019 when I was checking some random videos; it just popped up in my notifications. After checking that video, I was very interested, so I started to watch that particular program 📺.

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Part 3 Questions

Question 1: What sports are popular in India?

In India, the most popular sport is cricket 🏏. Many people, including me, have played cricket since childhood, so they are very attached to this sport. I am also a big fan of cricket, and I learned cricket from my father because he is also focused on cricket; he played at the district level. But in recent years, many different sports have become famous, such as Kabaddi and football ⚽.

Question 2: Why do children need sports?

Playing a sport is beneficial in different ways: first of all, it can improve physical abilities in flexibility, stamina, and strength, as well as your mentality. Kids, adults, and even senior citizens need to play a sport 🏃‍♂️.

Question 3: How can parents develop an interest in sports among children?

Speaking from my personal experience, I also developed my interest in sports from my father because we used to play together when I had a holiday. And we played for two to three hours daily because my father is also a professional, so he taught me how to play a sport. Parents must encourage their children to play sports, which is beneficial in many ways 🏆.

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