Describe a Sportsperson Who Performed Well in An Event

Describe a sportsperson who performed well in an event

  • Who the sportsman was?
  • What did he do?
  • What kinda sports?
  • how do you know him/her?

Sample 1

Recently at an event, I showed Hardik Pandya dancing. He was on the stage to greet the couple, and suddenly there was a lot of demand that he must dance, so the couple did not allow him to come down from the stage without dancing. And he is such a gentleman and down to earth person that he danced like anything. He made everyone happy with his dance moves. He does not feel hesitation in doing so. He doesn’t feel worried about his image and all. He is a cricketer, and he is an all-rounder of the Indian cricket team. I know him as he is my cousin’s close friend. I have known him since my childhood. We used to go on outings together, and there were many tasks we have performed together as we were in the same school.

Sample 2

This is a quite difficult topic since I am not that attached to sports. But on this occasion, I will speak about a popular sportsman in my school who won many tournaments. She was Namely Dilhara, who covered many athletics and was a captain of the school cricket team. She did well during school time, and she was very famous and a role model for many children in my school. She has a great attitude to act as a leader, like giving directions to the team members to bring the trophy. Now, this soul has become well known by the whole world for its unique defence and the ability to play against enemies in an accurate manner. Now she maintains her own sports school and works as a volunteer sports teacher at our school.

Follow-ups of Describe a Sportsperson Who Performed Well in An Event

Question 1:- What kinds of exercises do Indian people like?

Answer 1:- Yoga. After the modification’s initiative to promote yoga, it becomes famous in my county. There are many classes even to teach yoga. Many people go to a class in the morning. As of now, many people are worried about their health and the feeling to take care of it.

Answer 2:- I believe they are more into warmup exercises throughout their sports career to refresh themselves, as we see on Tv channels.

Question 2:- What characteristics do you think an athlete should have?

Answer 1:- Inbuilt strength. That is self-esteem. It is like if they win, they feel positive, but once they start losing, they go into depression and all. So they must be in a position to understand the situation. For that, they need inner confidence to come out the form that situation.

Answer 2:- A sportsman should have a quick guess on enemies to defend them and guide the co-team members—good relationship among members by knowing each player and leads them with their strengths throughout the matches.

Question 3:- Why are there so few top athletes?

Answer 1:- Focus… focus got distracted, so there were fewer athletes. After getting a few successes, they got distracted. They do not find it to be focused on the work they have to do. And few people are that who do not get promoted just because they have less money. And finally, there are many individuals who are not able to go ahead because of their background.

Answer 2:- Most people who are good at sport don’t show any interest due to poverty and are only less likely to have keen on progressing in the field.

Question 4:- What’s the best way to become a top athlete?

Answer 1:- To become successful, one needs to be focused. Also, start working on the game you want to do. Keep your body trained. And finally, do everything which is needed to become number one.

Answer 2:- Always practice helps to make a good athlete, and also enrolling with exercises and a diet plan keeps motivating them.

Question 5:- Do teenagers like exercising in your country?

Answer 1:- Yes. If they are into any game, they do exercise with interest. They do not feel uneasy doing it. Also, they encourage others also to do so. They even wake up early in the morning for exercise. There is no need for motivation if one is in sports at an early age.

Answer 2:- In my country, most of them don’t show any engrossment in exercises due to their busy schedule of studying, and some don’t accept the advantages of it as teenagers.

Question 6:- Do you think physical education is necessary?

Answer 1:- Why? Yes. It is required. There are many benefits of it. Like by training girls for physical education, they came to know about the real situation. What to do while km trouble and in this kind of situation and on the other hand boys becomes strong. And also, they understand sincerity.

Answer 2:- Definitely yes. It gives them the courage to be positive and active. Therefore having physical education is essential.

Question 7:- How do you think physical education classes affect children’s development?

Answer 1:- There are many things to learn in physical education. By doing this activity, there are many other things in the body that get sharp and start working. For example, Brian gets trained with some activities, and his strength improves; all of these are the benefit of physical education and the way it affects the children’s development.

Answer 2:- It helps to keep children active and strong. Being engaged in at least one sports work is a must with the benefits that children can get is huge.

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