IELTSFever Cue Card Example Describe a Team Project for Study or Entertainment

Describe a team project for study or entertainment or Talk about a project/team project you completed.  Or talk about a group activity you did. Or Talk about a memorable activity in school.

You should say:

  • What was it?
  • How you did it?
  • How did you feel?


  1. Well, I remember a science project which I completed in my 10th class. I finished it with the help of my classmates.
  2. We were a group of four students. We did it under the guidance of my Biology teacher who assigned us this project. In this project, we had to make a clay model of the digestive system of human body. 

How did I do it?

The whole project was a fun to be honest. I really enjoyed while doing it.

At first, we made a paste by mixing clay, lime, and water. Then we made the models of kidneys, liver and blood vessels. Then we carefully mold it on a cardboard.  After that, we Painted the kidneys and the liver with brown color and the blood vessels with red color.

How did you feel?

  1. It took almost a day to complete this project and we were highly delighted. It was a real hard-work to be honest but quite satisfying in the end.
  2. And it was even more satisfying because it was perhaps my first project in the school and I got an A+ grade for it. Honestly speaking, I was very thrilled. I was feeling on the top of the world actually.

 In the end, I can say that I was really Happy and proud to complete this project successfully.

 Follow up questions

  1. What is the importance of team work?
  2. How children can learn through team work?
  3. What are the disadvantages of team work?

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