Describe a teenager you know

# Describe a teenager you know

  • Who she/he is
  • What she/he looks like
  • How you got to know him or her Why do you like him/her
  • And explain how you feel about him or her

Sample Answer

I’m going to tell you about a family friend of ours named Edward. He is 16 years old and bright (smart; intelligent) as can be. We have known him ever since he was six years old, and I’ve enjoyed watching him transform into the young man he is today. Nowadays, he’s even taller than me! I would say he’s almost 6 feet tall. He has a dark complexion and nearly black hair, now cut into one of the trendy styles with one side of it shaved. He’s blossoming into (changing into; like a flower) a handsome fellow (another word for boy or man).

Well, although there was a ten year age gap in between his mother and my mother, they immediately hit it off (liked each other directly) when they were starting work at a real estate agency together ten years ago. Their friendship continued to grow within the office until they decided to open their brokerage (real estate company) about four years later. So, our families have grown close over the years. We often have meals together, visit each other during the holidays, and even vacation together for some years.

I care for Edward because he has always been an honest, polite kid and a joy to be around. He isn’t like the typical rebellious teenager who feels they are too cold for everything and everyone around them. He always greets me with a hug and shows me a lot of respect. For this reason, I have taken a liking to him. On another note, he is exceptionally hard-working and intelligent. We often get into deep conversations about the underlying(hidden) meanings of favorite music hits or the history of the world- we both share a love of history. Although I’m ten years older, I feel that Edward and I can still be friends. I

Cherish (sincerely appreciate) him and always wish him the best. All in all, he is like a little brother to me.

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