Describe Equipment of Yours that Had Problems

# Describe equipment of yours that had problems/Describe a time that a piece of equipment of yours was broken (such as TV)

You should say:

  • What it was
  • What problem it had
  • How you fixed it
  • And explain how you felt about it

I’m going to tell you about a time my Mac Book CD drive broke during my prime (most important) college years when it was needed. It was a stressful time, as I highly depended on my computer then.

I tried to fix this problem on my own and take it to my tech-savvy (good with technology) friends, but this wasn’t enough. Let me tell you how it happened.


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Well, I accidentally inserted a disc which I urgently needed to download for my class, not realizing that another disc was already inside. This caused a jam, which wouldn’t allow me to get the optical disc drive open.

With this said, I stupidly tried to stick a knife inside to pry it open (open slowly) to retrieve the disc for my class, which held essential data. I shortly after realized that this wasn’t a smart idea, so I took it to my friend to have a look.

He was scratching his head about it, so I decided to make it to the Apple store, which was 2 hours away. Luckily, they were able to retrieve the discs but unfortunately could not fix my disc drive. So, I spent the rest of my college years doing all disc-based activities at the local library.

At this point, I felt very frustrated, as I was in a high-pressure environment at my university. I was scared that I would turn in the assignment late and risk harming my GPA (grade point average).

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However, I felt relieved and lucky that I was able to fix it quickly, although it was inconvenient to do the activity at the library, outside of the comfort of my home. All in all, technology can be a considerable stressor when it fails!

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