Describe a time that a piece of equipment was broken

#Describe a time that a piece of equipment was broken (such as TV)

You should say:

  • what the material was
  • what the problem was
  • what you did after it was broken

Sample Answer

Wow! Technology seems always to fail me. However, I’ll try to highlight one specific incident. I was so excited when I got my first iPhone at 18 years old that I had worked hard for. Of course, the second day, I ended up dropping it off of my moving bike and cracking the screen! I can be such a klutz (a clumsy person) sometimes!

Well, to be more specific, it was an iPhone 4- the latest and greatest technology of that time. As I said, at first, I cracked the screen. Following this, my nephew spilled my steaming hot cup of coffee on my phone, which leaked into the cracks, causing it to malfunction and stop working. I couldn’t even get it to turn on, which caused me to lose all my pictures and other data at the time. It was easy to be frustrated with him at that moment, but I shortly after realized that it was my fault in the beginning!

After this, I switched back (changed back) to my former Blackberry phone for a while. I was disappointed in myself, so I picked up (added) extra hours at my restaurant to save up to get another. After about eight months of working very hard, I was able to buy a new iPhone. This time, you bet I invested in a screen cover and heavy-duty case to make sure to protect it against drops or liquids. In conclusion, I learned my lesson (expression when you learn not to make the same mistake again)!

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