Describe an ideal house

# Describe an ideal house

You should say:

  • where this place is
  • what it is like
  • when you want to live there
  • and explain why you think it is ideal for you

Sample Answer

I’m not interested in buying a home anytime soon, nor do I put a lot of emphasis on my home, but I’m going to tell you about my dream house, which I often dreamt of as a child.
I used to imagine a log cabin style house tucked into (hidden in) the Alp mountain range. As I’ve always been a massive fan of snow and lakes, I’m confident that this would be an ideal location for me. If it weren’t in the Alps, I would want it in the Rocky Mountains or the Andes. All in all, it just has to be in a quiet area with breath-taking scenery.
More specifically, I imagine a two-story house with all wooden floors and a red and black color scheme; I feel like this adds to the effect of the log cabin feel. I would like to have a large living room and dining room area with a fireplace inside. Moreover, I would like a large kitchen where I can cook for my family and entertain guests- perhaps with a large island area with stools around it. I would like to have four bedrooms, 2 for my children, 1 for my husband and 1 for a guest. In my bedroom, I’m dying to (really want) have our fireplace as well as a jacuzzi for bubble baths. I would hope that each room has its balcony with mountain views.
I haven’t put any pressure on myself about when I should try to buy my property, but I would imagine sometime between age 30-35. I ideally see myself in this house with my husband and children, as there would be plenty of space for them to play, as well as go on mountain treks. I could imagine all
of us bundled up (covered by blankets) by the fire after a day of hiking in the snow!
I think this would be the ideal house for me, as I am a fan of quiet, secluded places surrounded by nature. For now, I’m happy living in the city, but I imagine I would like to settle down (establish one’s self) in a quieter place one day. Moreover, I know that I like to entertain, so I want to have ample space to do so- not to mention in a beautiful place. In conclusion, I desire this mountain life with my family by my side!

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