Describe a Time When Did You Slap Someone in Public

Describe a Time When Did You Slap Someone in Public

You should say :-

  •  When it happened?
  • Whom you slapped and why?
  • How did you feel after this incident? 

 Sample answer :- Describe a Time When Did You Slap Someone in Public

Well, many times, people feel humiliated in public places. I think circumstances compel a person to take such actions like slapping someone for doing wrong. 

It happened to me when I went to the rose festival in Chandigarh in the summer. It was a pleasant day as I was enjoying myself. Suddenly a fight in a public place caught my attention, and I saw a teenager arguing with an elderly person, and he pushed him and used abusive language. 

Nobody dared to help him. I went to them and asked the person who was doing wrong with the older person; then, he started to fall out with me. I tried my best to make him understand about his mistake, but he was adamant and did not want to understand anything.

Abruptly, he spat on my face, and I could not tolerate it, and out of rage, I slapped him; then, people who were watching this episode came to me and asked me the whole scenario. 

Fortunately, I knew a person, who was on duty at that place, and he scolded the boy, took his parents’ phone number and made a call to them. The boy started to beg to leave alone. 

In the end, I felt terrible that I slapped him, but it was mandatory to realize a person about his mistake. I think he had no fault, but his parents were more responsible for such kind of behaviour. It all happened due to a lack of moral education that, generally, today’s generation doesn’t have. Otherwise, it was good because onlookers learnt a lesson  that if the other person does the same, he Or she will get punishment soon.


humiliated= make (someone) feel ashamed 

compel= force or oblige (someone ) to do something 

Pleasant =giving a sense of happy satisfaction /enjoyable 

Abusive = extremely offensive and insulting 

Tried my best = to try as hard as one can 

Adamant = refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind 

Abruptly= suddenly 

Terrible =extremely bad 

Mandatory = compulsory 

Onlooker = eyewitness/observer 

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