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Describe a Time when Someone Asked for Your Opinion

Describe a Time when Someone Asked for Your Opinion
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Describe a time when someone asked for your opinion.

Sample 1: Describe a Time when Someone Asked for Your Opinion

I would like to talk about a time when people asked for my advice. Many individuals are naive, so they need to seek for opinions of others in order not to go astray.

It happened that last month my friend’s younger sister came to meet me for advice and guidance. She was so disturbed that it was all written all over her face.

I beckoned on her to have her seat, and I paid rapt attention to her. She told me she was pregnant and she needed advice; she said she came to meet me because she knows I’m a medical personnel.

She made me know that she can’t keep the baby because she is still in secondary school and she is preparing to write her final exam. I reassured her psychologically, and I made her see the reasons why abortion is not an option.

I told her that if she decided to abort this child, she might develop some complications which may affect her in the future. And I also went further that she may have complications immediately following the illegal miscarriage, which may lead to the removal of her uterus or any of her reproductive organs.

Furthermore, I continued to enlighten her that if she keeps the child, the child may become a strong pillar to her and a light to the world. Although she may face so many difficulties and challenge while nurturing and raising the child, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

I also told her that once she delivers the baby, she can give her own mother and continue with her studies. Childbirth doesn’t hinder education. She was so delighted after listening to my advice; she was grateful. I then referred her to a support group that helps teenagers with pregnancies. She rated me so high, and I was glad I could help.

Sample 2: Describe a Time when Someone Asked for Your Opinion

Well, in my country, people often ask each other’s opinions. Even if it’s related or not, this is so that they care about others. Today, I would like to talk about an opinion that I gave to my cousin when he passed the 12th-grade board with a higher grade.

He wants to choose his career path, and he is also very intelligent in technology. So I asked him. At first, I asked him which field he liked most. And he says that he said that he was interested in technology.

So I give him three options: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. And then, after I gave him some suggestions, He chose computer science because he is very interested in it.

And also, these days, artificial intelligence, like technology, is growing day by day. Well in the future, demand for artificial intelligence will grow more than it does right now. So he chose. Computer science is his field.

I feel very great because I gave him the right advice, and this is right for him because, in the future, he will earn more in this field. Every time I give someone advice, I feel a sense of responsibility.

Follow-Up Questions: Describe a Time when Someone Asked for Your Opinion

Question 1. Why do some people dislike giving their opinions?

Answer 1:- Some people don’t like to offer advice to people because they feel that if they give their opinions to someone and something bad happens to them, they may be held responsible. As a result of this, they keep their advice to themselves. For instance, if a well-learned person advises a young mother to immunize a child if the child develops a slight fever after the immunization, she might hold the person responsible.

Answer 2:- There are many reasons why people do not like to share their ideas. Because sometimes. They lack confidence, or they don’t have the ability to explain their opinion in detail. It will be embarrassing if they give an opinion. A person. I also feel very clear if their opinion is right or not, or if they think too much about what other people think about their opinion.

Question 2. Are there any apps designed for collecting opinions about products or services?

Answer 1:- Yes. There are several apps where people can get adequate information about goods and services. People can get different advertisements on phones, Television, radio, and the Internet.

Answer 2:- Well, I’m not aware of any application that can collect opinions about a product, but almost all of these shopping apps have the option for users to comment about their product or what they purchase. So how do they feel about their product after purchasing it? For example, Flipkart-like applications have a comment section. For the public, so take and comment on a particular product.

Question 3. Why do people like to express their opinions on the Internet nowadays?

Answer 1:- A lot of people express their minds on social media today because some of them have passed through the same situation or challenges. Also, a lot of them have experience with the particular topics being discussed. In addition, some of them are naive, and so they want to learn and be a better person.

Answer 2:- The main reason behind this is that these people want their voices to be heard on the Internet. The Internet provides them with a platform where they can express their views: points and everything. The Internet provides them with a sense of freedom to express their minds without worrying about what others may think. Also, you can engage many people by just posting one video or one text.

Question 4. What are the disadvantages of sharing opinions on the Internet?

Answer 1:- Expressing one’s mind on the internet can have some drawbacks. Firstly, opinions given on the internet can’t be forgotten, either good or bad. Secondly, some individuals may be too shy to contribute to a particular thinking everyone will criticize them.

Answer 2:- There are many disadvantages to sharing opinions on the Internet. First of all, posting your opinion on the Internet can hurt someone’s feelings. Or sentiment. Sometimes we can see that people are arguing over a comment section on some social media platform. It also hurts someone’s feelings. People are also breaking cybercrime laws by doing so.

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