Describe a Time when The Weather Prevented You from Doing Something

Describe a time when the weather prevented you from doing something. You should say:

  • what was your plan?
  • what weather you were hoping for?
  • what happened?
  • and explain how you felt when you had to change your plans?

Sample 1:-

There is a lot of situation when the weather changes the plan of people because the weather is uncertain and people, as usual, make their plan according to schedule and get cancelled due to that weather and here I would like to talk about a time when the weather is cancelled my plan, and it was an unpleasant time for me. I will vividly remember that time when I got the summer vacation from my college, and all my friend’s circles decided to go to a hilly station. There were five friends, and we made a plan to visit Shimla, and it was for about four days moreover we were very happy because we made all the things planned in a good manner. Furthermore, De Shimla is far away, about 200 km from my hometown, so we decided to go by bus because the bus is the cheapest source to the chosen that destination. Following this, we decided to get together in the morning at my home because the bus station is behind my house to plant all the friends came to my home at 6 AM even though we didn’t have any idea about the weather outside and when we started leaving our house the rain was anticipated after that we think we should wait for 10 to 20 minutes if rain could be stopped we should start a journey, but due to our misfortune a time the rain was no stop and raining like cats and dogs we were all disappointed because the weather changed all the plan and we also faced a lot of flaws moreover I already booked a hotel from the Internet, and I also lost all the money of booking of that hotel even they denied to give back refund. Apart from that, all of my friends changed the plan and shifted to another day, and my mother came to us and made some delicious cookies and cakes, which made our day remember. So that was the day when the weather changed our plan, and we shifted to another possible day.

Sample 2:-

So one day decided to go on a tour trip to a nearby hill station, and they spent the entire night listening to songs along with the campfire and bbq grilled plant. A few weeks prior, I was on Cloud Nine in seventh heaven when I came to know about this trip to make the journey. We also reached the spot around evening seven, but unfortunately, the weather was dark, and there was a heavy jaunpur of rain. We had to cancel the bbq, which we had planned initially when we were discussing the strips. We checked on Google that the temperature was hot and the weather was going to be dry and arid; however, it was completely a drastic change when we reached that place after this heavy downpour. The place was swampy, and we were unable to make a picnic spot over there depressed at the beginning, but later on, there was a small hotel where we could stay the manager, and he helped does with booking the room, and we also got a chance to do the Barbecue within the restaurant and memorable experience.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when The Weather Prevented You from Doing Something

Question 1:- Do people in your country enjoy talking about the weather, as a small chat, when they meet each other?

Answer 1:- Yes, in my country the majority of individuals like to make conversations about the weather and do a small chat because they, as usual, make short trips which they are likely to go, and due to whether they also change the date and the time because the weather is unpredictable.

Answer 2:- Yes, in most of the conversations which happen on a regular basis, the weather is one of the crucial discussions which we have because in India there is a wide range of temperatures or whether all over the country, for example, the Himalayas, which is the past northern part of the country is cold and sometimes has snowfall, on the other hand, the southern part of the country and the lands are desiccated people when they meet from different backgrounds as India is a diverse country one of the hot topics would be about weather.

Question 2:- What types of weather do people (in your country) prefer, cold or hot weather?

Answer 1:- Well, the majority of people like winter weather as compared to the summer because they feel comfortable and enjoy the outside of the view and prefer to do recreational activities in their day to day life moreover youngsters always like to wear a jackets and trendy clothes in winter because they like to follow according to your fashion. But in terms of summer and hot weather people do not like to go outside and spend their time inside the home and become frustrated so this other differences between weather and a tip and people like weather cold.

Answer 2:- It depends on one person to another; however, in my perspective, I believe that the weather is cold and humid and with a small amount of rainfall. I like this type of weather because it makes me happier, and I would be on Cloud Nine when this; on the other hand, some people prefer dry weather because most of the time they are in cold regions and summers are the best part of their regions.

Question 3:- What kinds of people care most about the weather?

Answer 1:- Many people care for themselves in the weather of summer. Because this season is considered Scorching weather and people do not like to go outside because of the harmful layers of this on can infect the human body so many people use some kind of skin treatments to preserve themselves from the UV rays of the sun.

Answer 2:- Different occupations are completely dependent on weather, for example, fishing and fisherman, and they have to watch weather forecast news on a daily basis. This is a cyclone or heavy rainfall, so their business might be affected, and they need to restrict themselves from stepping out into the ocean. similarly, farmers have a huge impact on whether because if again if there is rainfall then their crops might be destroyed and so I believe that these two occupations play a major role in terms of weather

Question 4:- Would you say weather forecasts are usually accurate?

Answer 1:- It is undeniable the weather is unpredictable and not be completed by someone moreover in this modern Eire they all lot of technologies try to solve that issue and give at least 99% of accuracy about the weather. Where people can plan, there is a schedule according to the situation of weather, and they are a lot of application which shows weather forecast or very accurate but not be as an actual.

Answer 2:- Really because during my school days, whenever there was a weather forecast chairperson who mentioned that there would be a rainfall the next day, the weather used to be dry and hot, so I don’t believe inaccurate weather information. However, these days the give Google there are so many applications which provide accurate information, and because of the enormous evolving Technologies, we are able to predict the weather at least for a week.

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