Describe a Time When You Encourage Someone to Do Something That They Didn’t Want to Do

Describe a time when you encourage someone to do something that they didn’t want to do. You should say:

  • Who he or she is?
  • What you encouraged him/her to do?
  • How he she reacted?
  • And Explain why you encouraged him/her?

I think everyone needs encouragement in their lives whenever someone cannot come out of their comfort zone. I am the kind of person who encourages people to do what they want in their life. I recently uplifted my sister’s confidence while she felt herself under-confident while applying for an interview for a job.

It was two years back when she completed her post-graduation in computers and want to apply for her job. She was very stressed about the interview process; then I realised that she is brilliant in her academics, so she should apply for a job without any fear. It took time, but after few days, she applied, and she got a date for the interview.

On the day of her interview, she felt much confident, and finally, she got her job. When she came home, she was pleased and praised me for encouraging her. As I always want to see her on the pinnacle of success, I always stand by her in her win and woe. This was the time when I encourage my sister.


Follow-Ups of Describe a Time When You Encourage Someone to Do Something That They Didn’t Want to Do

Question 1:- How could leaders encourage their employees?

Ans: There are ample ways to encourage their employees as leaders can distribute them perks and gifts time by time. Moreover, they should talk to them if employees face any obstacle in their work.

Question 2:- When should parents encourage their children?

Ans: Parents are known as a pillar for their kids as, In every stage of life, children need inspiration. In my opinion, parents should help their child in their hard time.

Question 3:- What kind of encouragement should parents give?

Ans: Parents nurture their child’s confidence by giving them positive thinking. They should inspire them by giving them decision power to think about their good and bad.

Question 4:- Do you think some people are better at persuading others?

Ans: Definitely, Yes! Most people have the quality to persuade others. Most politicians are good enough in this because without this quality; they can cross the hurdles.

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