Describe a Time When You Missed An Appointment

Describe a time when you missed an appointment
You should say:

  • When and where did it happen?
  • What was the appointment for?
  • What happened when you missed it?
  • And explain how you felt about the appointment.

Sample answer:- Describe a time when you missed an appointment

Well, taking an appointment is quite important nowadays, especially for formal purposes, as it saves a lot of time that people utilize for other work.

In fact, in today’s busy life, it’s quite a common occurrence when people fail to attend appointments after scheduling them. So I am not exceptional among others. I have a particular situation to be shared in this cue card.

I vividly remember that I had an appointment with my dietitian a couple of weeks ago related to my health issues, but unfortunately, I missed it. Let me explain the whole situation. I was suffering from hypothyroidism; due to this, I was suffering from other health problems such as intense weight gain, heavy hair loss, bloating, and hormone imbalance.

So I discussed this with my doctor, who suggested I consult with a dietitian. Without thinking a second time, I booked my appointment online, and luckily I got the meeting date after two days. I had to reach on time at the bus stop because the dietitian’s office is 30km away from my house, so I won’t be getting late.

All of a sudden, I received a call from my daughter’s school, and a teacher told me that my kid had a high fever, so she had to be immediately hospitalized. I was tense and rushed to school. In all these worries, I just forgot about my appointment.

I felt down in the dumps because I missed an important appointment. The next day, I called the dietitian and explained my whole situation .He understood my situation and gave me another date of meeting after a week without paying extra fees.

Even though I was disappointed about missing an appointment, at the same time, I was happy as I made the right decision at the right time because my daughter needed me more than anything. so that was the time when I faced a situation and missed an appointment.

follow-ups Describe a Time When You Missed An Appointment

Question 1. Which events in your country most people forget?

Answer – Well, it’s quite hard to tell any particular event that people forget in my nation, but most of the time, people forget organizational events and festivals. Top of it, sometimes people slip from their minds some special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, engagement dates and so on.

Question 2. Do you think it is a good idea to use electronic devices for putting reminders?

Answer – Yes, I think it is better to put a reminder on the phone for any critical events because human memory is not vast nowadays due to hectic schedules and technological advances. So it is good to set a reminder to maintain a work-life balance. For instance, if people may forget any particular date, a reminder will remind them and help to make a strong relationship.

Question 3. How can modern technology help you keep good memories?

Answer – Undoubtedly, advanced technology can help us keep our memories safe because nowadays, many storage options are available like google drive, iCloud, one drive, and many more. So with the help of these, one can store their precious memories. In fact, I also use google drive and one drive to store my photos and videos for future memories.

Question 4. Can electronic devices such as smartphones replace human memory?

Answer – No, I don’t think so. Electric devices are alternatives to human memory .It will never take over human memory because humans operate these electric devices, and human memory is god gifted. In short, human memory is so vast; they can store emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

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