Describe a Time When You Saw a Lot of Plastic Waste (for example, in a park, on the beach etc.)

Describe a time when you saw a lot of plastic waste (for example, in a park, on the beach etc.)

You should say

  • When And Where you Saw plastic waste
  • Why there was a lot of plastic waste
  • How did you feel after seeing it
  • And explain what your thoughts were about this

Sample answer Describe a Time When You Saw a Lot of Plastic Waste (for example, in a park, on the beach etc.)

Unfortunately, increasing plastic waste is becoming a burning issue nowadays. In fact, in this use-and-throw culture today, we see most people use a lot of plastic products, and they throw them here and there knowingly and unknowingly.

So it is not uncommon to see litter in our surroundings. Here I would like to share with you a situation when I visited a famous tourist destination but was disappointed to see plastic waste there.

Last year I visited Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh. This is a famous tourist attraction point worldwide where people often go for vacations and water sports.

I must tell you, I have heard a lot about the beauty of this place from my friends, so I have made up my mind to visit there and enjoy the natural beauty of that place.

But All my Expectations went into disappointment when I reached there.

To be honest, the natural scenes of this Valley were breathtaking. However, as we approached the river where the water sports activities had been done, we felt terrible as there was loads of litter here and there.

I observed the main reason for this problem is many tourists visit this place every day and often carry packed food and water bottles and dump it carelessly. Consequently, we saw plastic wrappers, bags, bottles, canes and much more, which was not only spoiling the natural beauty of this place but also affecting marine life.

The second main reason I got to know from the locals is that there are no plastic recycling plants nearby, so it is a big issue how to dump all the litter.

If I am talking about my experience and thoughts, although it is a popular tourist place, I was shocked to see there was no rule and regulation in terms of the cleaning process.

Being responsible citizens, we approached the tourist department officer there and requested him to keep the place clean and maintain its natural beauty of this place.

I think cleaning is not only the responsibility of authorities, but individuals should also put their effort into reducing plastic waste, so we also give Awareness to those who throw plastic waste and tell them about its detrimental effect.

Many of them understood our thought and kept the plastic waste with them, while a few behaved rudely toward us; then, we decided to clean the place voluntarily without arguing with others.

At last, as a result, it worked; the management team and some other volunteers appreciated us and helped us clean the waste. In short, we did what should be done at that time. So that was the time when I saw plastic waste and felt terrible.

Follow-ups Describe a Time When You Saw a Lot of Plastic Waste (for example, in a park, on the beach etc.)

Question 1:- Do you think we should use plastic products?

Answer:-From my perspective, using plastic items is not a major issue but not recycling them is the biggest threat to our planet. We should use plastic products as they are more reliable and cheaper, but we should keep in mind that we should not dump them carelessly here and there. We should follow 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Question 2:- How can we reduce our use of plastic?

Answer:-We can definitely do a few simple things to reduce plastic consumption. For instance, individuals should use jute bags instead of plastic bags for grocery and shopping purposes. Moreover, they should avoid packed food or plastic bottles and use alternatives.

Question 3:- What kind of plastic waste is often seen in your country

Answer:-In my nation, we commonly see plastic wrappers, bags, canes, bottles and much more. Because Citizens of my nation prefer to use plastic bags for grocery shopping because these bags are readily available and cheap.

Question 4:- Why do people like to use plastic products?

Answer:-Well, people prefer to use plastic items because plastic products are more convenient and lightweight, so they are easy to carry and look trendy. Moreover, the second main reason plastic is cheaper than metal and other alternatives.

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