Describe a time when you were outside and rain started.

Describe a time when you were outside and rain started.

where you were on this day?

what the weather was like on this day?

what did you do during the day?

Well, there were many situations occur in my life, when I get an experience of suddenly changing the weather. Here I would like to talk about a day when I was outside and rain started. About 2 years ago, I was studying in 10th class in a well-reputed school named SDS Senior Secondary School, Lopon. My school was located at some distance from my village. I went there daily via bus.

At that day, I got up early in the morning. The weather was pleasant and I got ready for school. I left my home and reached the bus station in my village. The weather started changing suddenly. There, the wind was blowing and the whole sky was full of black clouds. I thought the rain will surely come soon.

After it, I took the bus and reached to my school. After recess time, the heavy rain started. It appeared like a thunderstorm. The whole sky turned in to grey color because of black clouds. I was afraid of such problematic weather.

After school time, I went outside my school and at that time, the rain was not terrible. But then, suddenly the rain started again. I became horrible. The swift wind was blowing which pushed me here and there. I balanced myself hard. I felt gloomy because I did not have an umbrella to escape myself. My clothes were wet and I was shivering. There was a cafe outside my school. I went to it and had a cup of coffee there. It gave me some relaxation. I waited there until the rain was not stopped.

Eventually, I was reached my home very late due to heavy rain and swift wind. So, It was the day when the heavy rain was faced by me outside my residence.

Followup questions:-

What are the main seasons in your country?

What environmental changes have you noticed in your country?

What should we do to protect the environmental pollutions?

If you speak about this cue card, then, you will become able to speak the answers of the following cue cards:-

1. You took a journey and all of a sudden the bad weather appeared.
2. You did not have any option to quickly get to a safe place.
3. You were stuck in this bad weather.
4. When you left home, the weather was perfectly okay but all of a sudden it changed.

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Describe a time when you were outside and rain started

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