Describe a Time You Got Lost in a Place You Did Not Know About

Describe a time you got lost in a place you did not know about. You should say:
When did it happen?
Who was with you?
What did you do?
How did you feel about it?

Well, I am not itinerant, but sometimes, I make a plan to visit outside, and it happens only once in a blue moon. A long time ago, I still remembered when I was invited by one of my friends to her birthday party.

Actually, she invited me along with my family. So I immediately made a plan with my family to visit Chandigarh. Before this invitation, I was unknown to this place because I never got a chance to visit that place. Therefore, it was a golden chance for me to visit the place and its surrounded area and the thought of sightseeing, shopping complexes made me happier, and we decided to go in our own car we were very happy on that day.

When we reached Chandigarh, we were taken aback to see its beauty, lush green parks, and clean roads. However, we were surprised because we didn’t know the way where to go. So it was very difficult for us to find out the way and we thought that we got lost so suddenly an idea struck my mind.

I opened my mobile phone, and I searched on Google map because I knew technology, so thanks to this technology, we reached our destination with its help. I was immensely joyful as we reached safely and we really were very happy, so that was when we got lost and found our way with this latest technology.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Time You Got Lost in a Place You Did Not Know About

Question 1. Do you often get lost?

Yes sometimes. When I go to unknown places, and I don’t find any person to ask for the way then I get lost; but, with the help of technology now one can go at any places with the help of mobile phones and person can search their destination and explore new places.

Question 2. Is map-reading skill important?

Well, map reading skill is not more important as people have modern technology so just at one click people get desired location. I think, in the modern era, people are fully dependent on cutting-edge technology.

Question 3. Are some people better at map-reading than others?

Yes, people who have read geography and are well known about the geographical features so they know better than other persons about map reading skills. For a non-specialist, it isn’t easy to read the map.

Question 4. Why do some people like traveling to other places?

Some people are itinerant, and with zeal, they explore new places. In addition, people who are researchers also love to visit places to learn about other cultures and languages.

Question 5. Should they find information about the place before going there?

Yes, people should find information about the places where they would like to go in order to escape from the last-minute arrangement. Besides, they can make their itinerary convenient if they have prior information about the place and enjoy this journey well. Moreover, their journey becomes memorable if they preplan their route.

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