Describe a Time You Used Your Cellphone/smartphone to Do Something Important

Describe a time you used your cellphone/smartphone to do something important: You should say:-

  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • How important the cellphone/smartphone was?
  • And explain how you felt about the experience.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Used Your Cellphone/smartphone to Do Something Important

It is irrefutable that the Mobile phone plays a part and parcel role in every person’s life, owing to which, without a cellphone, an individual’s life seemed like a night without a moon. Here I would like to shed some light on a time.

While walking down memory lane, I use my smartphone to crack my science exam. I vividly remember two years back when I was in the ten standards at that time, and there was my science exam as it was quite critical for me to get to enrol in the 11 standards, to my dismay.

I missed all my notes because I felt down in the dumps because I had only a single copy of the notes as the time was too short. In addition, none of my comrades lives around the corner from my house. Consequently, I felt blue. What is more, at that time, I was on pins and needles and verged on the tears.

Besides this, after some time, my mother suggested I utilize my smartphone, and I sent a message to my bosom buddy to send me pictures of his notes. Apart from this, within a few minutes, he sent me all pictures of his notes, and I was on top of the world even though I also passed with flying colours in the exam.

Seriously on that, I realized the significance of the smartphone in my Mobile as it plays an indispensable role in every person’s life hats of to technology. Honestly, I always thank technology as it makes life more convenient for the individual. To cut a long story short, this was a time. When I utilized my smartphone, it was an electrifying experience for me ever.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time You Used Your Cellphone/smartphone to Do Something Important

Question 1:- What do you usually do with a cell phone?

Answer – Being a technophile person, there are a plethora of things. I perform various activities, such as playing games. In addition, as I am a melophile person. I also listen to songs on my Mobile. Furthermore, as a student, I watched umpteen videos on YouTube to enhance my erudition, as it is also a source of infotainment.

Question 2:- What are the differences between young people and old people when using a cell phone?

Answer – That’s an interesting question. There are several differences between the usage of cell phones in young and older people, as older people prefer to call or listen to religious songs. On the paradoxical side, if I talk about teenagers, they prefer to use the cell phone for social media as they deem it the optimum way to kill time.

Question 3:- Which is more important, using a cellphone to make phone calls or read messages?

Answer – Without any second thought, as far as I know, every coin has two sides; consequently, Reading a message is beneficial for mankind in order to communicate as it saves time and money. Furthermore, there is a chance of leaking information on phone calls while talking with kiths and kins ones. Moreover, reading the message is also beneficial for an individual’s holistic development.

Question 4:- Do you think there should be a law to stop people from making phone calls in public?

Answer – According to my perspective, it is not a constructive development as in the time of emergency, and individuals talk with their near and dear ones no matter where the place is, either public or private. Therefore, I deem that there will be no restrictions for making phone calls in public places as sometimes cell phone is a boon for people in a dilemma.

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