Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a performance you enjoyed watching. You should say:

  • what the performance was?
  • when and where do you watch the performance?
  • who was performing (or, who performed)?
  • and explain why you enjoyed the performance?

Sample 1

Well, public performances really entertain the people, and individuals feel more jubilant after attending live shows. I also got a chance two years back when I attended a live show of Babbu Maan, and it was organised in my town. I really felt over the moon when my husband gave me this good news. Being a great fan of theirs, I really had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, but finally, the day came when I witnessed his performance. Moreover, my husband and I sat in the first row to listen to him clearly. It was the first time that we were enjoying that quality of time with each other. Interestingly, I like this song because whenever he sings, he sings from the heart and always remains in the limelight. He has no fear of any political leader. Whatever he says, he remains true to his words. So that fearless nature makes me like him more and more. I was thrilled to bits when he asked some cultural questions from the audience, and luckily I gave the answers to all questions, and he gave me his autograph with a selfie. That was a lovely moment for me, and I feel happy to recall that day recurrently.

Sample 2

They are numerous performances already popular a worldwide and It considered as is a basic struggle of every people which they perform in the front of the audience and it requires a lot of confidence and here I would like a talk about a performance which I found very interesting from my childhood I have been a very big fan of Punjabi music, and my favourite singer is a Karan Aujla so last month I came to know about my friends who are always a big fan of Aujla that he was coming to my hometown for a concert. Karan Aujla has a multitalented and very soothing echo. Moreover, I heard that his performance would be telecast in my city and I immediately booked VIP tickets on the internet which I also got on discount of about 20% because we were five members. After that, his performance started later at night. It was a night. I felt over the moon, so I also enjoyed all the music with his melodies. After that, he also gave motivational speeches to the young generation and gave donations to charity, and I got impressed by his work. He performed for about 2 hours. The ambience of that place was mesmerizing. After that, we also enjoyed the drinks over there. It was complimentary. Furthermore, it was an electrifying experience for me, so that was the live show which I watched with my naked eye.

Follow-ups of Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching

Question 1:- Do you think traditional performances are important?

Answer 1:- Yes, traditional performance plays a crucial role in the lifestyle of individuals. They are numerous facts which people learn from them in their day to day life because of the traditional performance majority of field visual enhancement meant they learn from past decades and they get familiar with the modern era and also recognize all the things in a very good manner so is a kind of basic roots of every people which interact with them.

Answer 2:- Yes, traditional performances are very important because these performances bind the people with each other, especially with their roots, and they feel proud of a rich cultural heritage.

Question 2:- Is Learning Drama or Dance Good for Children?

Answer 1:- Yes, I think this activity must be curious for the teenagers because it is the kind of basic roots of every teenager, they need to interact with them daily which also gathers a lot of realistic experiences about the life so that kind of activities would help to enhance the knowledge in a good manner and also boost their confidence and encourage in a higher range so I think it could be efficient in the term of in children line to become a more successful person in a future.

Answer 2:- Well, nowadays it is essential for children to be all-rounder, so both are essential. If children learn to dance as well as they take part in a drama, then both are beneficial to grow them to their full potential. They can build their career in these fields.

Question 3:- Is learning drama or dancing helpful for kids?

Answer 1:- Yes, these activities give immense benefits to the kids because dancing and drama knowledge also boost their mind level to an extreme level, and learning to socialize with others from a young age is a vital part of a child’s cognitive development. The ability to express emotion comfortably in front of others shows mental maturity, and learning to do so through movement and dance provides a safe gateway for young children to explore.

Answer 2:- Yes, government support is essential for these traditional performances because people are alienated from their roots. It is a good way to attach them to their roots. Moreover, if culture is lost, then everything is lost, so to revive old traditions, financial support from the government is essential.

Question 4:- Should Government Provide Financial Support to Traditional Performances?

Answer 1:- Yes, I agree with the notion local authorities should provide immense funds towards traditional performances because nowadays people don’t have time to give attention to their past times if they organize kind of seminars and concerts which people attain themselves and also get an accurate knowledge of the past performance so I think funding would be a most prominent factor to leading the traditional performance to move forward so it could be very important in a modern era.

Question 5:- What do you think is the difference between watching a live performance and watching it on TV?

Answer 1:- They are lots of differences observed between watching the performance on television despite watching live performances. In the term of watching the performance on the TV channel give some more realistic experience is rather than with the naked eye because HD channels provide amenities for the people which they choose the plan according to their taste and Desire, so they also give the same more high definition content in all worst situations and enjoy whole the performance with comfort, apart from that live performance, has some negative outcomes because these performances will not be measure in all age factor and senior citizen unable to get familiar with the places because they are unable to handle crowds over there for a long time of period. Some performance has a very costly ticket which people are unable to afford.

Answer 2:- Well, watching a live performance has a different taste as people get a chance to know the artists so closely and sometimes, they avail the opportunity by taking part in the performance. On the other hand, watching it on television will give them a chance to see it, but they will not be able to take autographs as well as that pleasure of live performance.

Question 6:- How do you think watching a dance performance or a stage play influences children?

Answer 1:- Dance performances and stage shows give an immense benefit in the term of the children’s life. It also increases in plenty of waves those children have a lack of confidence and unable to get familiar with their work so these performance helps to increase their confidence level and remove the hesitation and perform all the content with the presence of their mind apart from that some of the live concerts is a based on a true story, and people would also get inspired and motivated from them, and they also contribute their all the efforts to improve their lifestyle.

Answer 2:- Well, watching a dance performance really entertains the child, and it will boost his energy to do the same. While a stage play enhances children’s linguistic skills and makes them aware of the importance of things on which it has been played.

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