Describe a Uniform You Have Worn: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a uniform you have worn, (such as a school or company uniform). You should say:

  • what does it look like?
  • when and where do you need to wear this uniform?
  • who paid for this uniform?
  • and explain how you felt about that uniform?

Sample 1

There are numerous occasions which people like to wear uniform such as in a school in our office as well as workplace so uniform always allows getting familiar to “ambience and some of the company all always follow the rule of uniform to maintain the protocols among the individuals so uniform also plays an integral role in the lifestyle of the people and here I would like a talk about a uniform which I wore in my school time. School form is a sign of equality, and it also makes students feel that they are all part of something. I remember vividly when I was in school. My uniform contained a black shirt and white trousers with black shoes. Moreover, the belt had the sign of my school, and the trouser had a few light shades of strips. So that uniform was bought by my father. The overall view of my dress was incredible, and I was too happy when I wore that dress in my day to day life because the dress gave me confidence in my Studies, so I was too happy with my uniform. Moreover, my belt was red in which there was a beautiful design of my school logo. Therefore, there were a few patterns on the Tie in three colours which were black, yellow, and white. I felt proud of it as I loved this combination. Moreover, I always took care of my uniform and washed dresses with my hands also did the ironing. Every time in the morning, I got dressed up without any help from my family member because it was my favourite part, so that dress I always keep my other stuff, and whenever I see that dress, it’s kind of nostalgia’s hitting hard and memories which gonna never fade away.

Sample 2

So in India, it has been made mandatory that all the schools need to follow a proper dress code. During my elementary school, so insert scenario, our school did not have a proper uniform when this rule was implemented; we were asked to buy a new uniform and had to follow weight with no excuse. During my 6th grade, I went to a nearby tailor shop, and I went a shop and bought and bought a dress for the first time. It was actually in red colour and a white T-shirt beginning to look like Sachin attire, but it was good to see all the pupils wearing the same kind of attire what this dress in my home after buying it from the store and net on the first day of my 6th grade I would appreciate it to the school rule was implemented by the government because the rich and the poor where kids were wearing different clothing, and it made the students looked two poles apart hence the government, and also the school management has implemented this norm and its been following since ages.

Follow-ups of Describe a Uniform You Have Worn: Recent Speaking Test

Question 1:- What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a uniform?

Answer 1:- There are so many advantages and disadvantages when a student wears a uniform the first one would be there is no partiality among the students because the same transport has been followed by any everyone students don’t have mixed feelings, especially the poor people who are unable to afford rich clothing if there has been followed the people they don’t get a chance to try out different outfits, and they have to follow the same dress pattern throughout the schooling.

Answer 2:- Well, there are lots of demerits and merits observed in uniform. The advantage is that uniform always maintains the ambience in the workplace so that kind of dress code which people always follows in their day to day life and maintain their discipline in which need to put their efforts towards work .apart from that in schools also follows these protocols among the students because in their learning stage they always recognize the importance of uniform, on the other hand, this uniform has a disadvantages because many people can’t feel comfortable in their workplace when they wear dress code in their day to day life, and they easily get frustrated so this kind of circumstances will occur with uniform nowadays.

Question 2:- In your country, do schools provide similar uniforms to their students?

Answer 1:- In India, most of the schools for the lower same type of clothing and also the colour. I don’t want the other people to feel inferior and use and eliminate an upper class or the middle-class type of differentiation among all the children.

Answer 2:- Yes, in my country the majority of schools provide a similar uniform in the term of students because of the kind of rules and regulations they need to follow, And they are separate uniform wings in school Which are primary wings this kind of basic uniform need to wear by the students, but they turn into Secondary wings contrast of blazers as well as shirts added in uniform.

Question 3:- What kinds of professionals need to wear uniforms?

Answer 1:- Difficult question to answer because each and every profession has its unique style of clothing which can be worn. I feel that the people who work in restaurants, like Chefs and the waiters, have to follow a proper dress code because they directly cook the food and service to the people, and wearing fancy outfits might affect the quality of the food and simulate it people who work with heavy machinery equipment should wear simple clothing rather than wearing some fancy jewellery or things which might get stuck in their heavy workload.

Answer 2:- Well, in the term of professional uniforms, police and the military have to wear uniforms as a part of professional a similar situation is seen in professions such as health and transport, so these kinds of employees like to wear uniforms in their day to day life and maintain the discipline in society.

Question 4:- Do you think people wear clothes that reflect their personality?

Answer 1:- Most people like to wear outfits which suit their own mindset, and I feel that it is important and they have to wear something which is of interest to them and not to impress the rest of the society.

Answer 2:- Yes, the way you dress reflects your personality. Remember, right dressing has nothing to do with price and people always can judge by their dressing code. If people wear a formal dress with a good combination, a definable recognize a great personality.

Question 5:- Do you think women’s clothes show more variety than men’s clothes?

Answer 1:- I believe that previously you know some years back there were a lot of differences in women’s and men’s clothing, but nowadays it is a neutral and even men are wearing attire which suits according to make to them rather than the rules which have been imposed by society, so I have lots of variety in clothing indeed and nowadays most of the people are coming forward and increasing everyone to wear outfits which suits them.

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