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Describe a Village Near Your Hometown IELTS EXAM

Describe a Village Near Your Hometown

Describe a Village Near Your Hometown

Sample Answer: Describe a Village Near Your Hometown

God made the village 🏞️, and man made the town 🏙️. There is a significant difference between the village life and the city life. Although I belong to a city, I live in Moga. There are many villages near my hometown, but today, I would like to talk about a village which has become a source of attraction for me. It is a village, Dhudike, which is about 10 km away from my hometown. It is situated on the highway from Moga to Ludhiana.

Cities are known for their facilities, but this village is fully-fledged with all types of facilities like a city 🌟. I went there last month to meet the famous priest of the Sikh religion, Giani Harbhajan Singh, who lives in Gurdwara Ucha Dera Dhudike 🕌. I got a chance to look around the village. The environment was very peaceful and pollution-free 🍃. When I passed along the road around the town, I saw that there were green trees along the side of the road. There were benches of concrete on the side of the road for the village people to sit on 🛋️.

This village is also known for its patriotic background because the famous patriot, Lala Lajpat Rai, belonged there. There were higher facilities of education because I saw many elementary, primary, and secondary schools 🏫. For upper education, there was an arts college and an engineering college in the village 🎓. There were two hospitals for the treatment of the village folk 🏥. I saw two stadiums for sports in the village where young boys were playing 🏏. So, this village is one of the most developed villages in Punjab. I was thrilled to visit there 🤩.

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