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Describe a village near your hometown IELTS EXAM

Describe a village near your hometown

– What is it

– Where is it

– When you went there

– Describe your experience there, 

God made the village and man made the town. there is a significant difference between the village life and the city life, whether I belong to a city but I live in the city moga there are many villages near my hometown but today I would like to talk about a village which becomes a source of attraction for me it is a villaage dhudike which is near about 10 km away from my hometown it is situated on the highway from moga to ludihana wheather cities are known for their all kind of fecilities but this village is fullfledged with all types of facilities like a city i want there in last month to meet famous priest of sikh religion giani harbhajan singh who lives in gurdwara ucha dera dhudike i got a chance to look around the village the enviroment was very peaceful and pollution free when I passed along the read around the town I saw that there were green trees along the side of the road there were benchs of concrete on the side of the roag for the village people to sit there this village is also know for its partiotic background because the famous partiat lala lajpat rai belong to this village there where the higer facilities of education because I saw many elementary primary and secondary schoole for upper education there was arts collage engineering collage in the vilaage there where two hospitals for the treatment of the village folk I saw two stadiums for sports in the village where young boys were playing so this village is one of the most developed villages of punjab I was thrilled to visit there
( Gagandeep Singh Kahlon )

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Describe a village near your hometown

Describe a village near your hometown

Describe a village near your hometown

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